mommy monday

best under eye brightener

If I am having a day where I am wearing more than just mascara and lip gloss, I tend to use this mommy under eye combo. I think this makes me look immediately awake and my eyes brighter and 100% hides any under eye circles.

I start with this EYE BRIGHTER, using the applicator and dabbing some under each eye. I then go along the lower lash line, on the under part of the eye with this BRIGHT BROW PENCIL. I then use my finger to mix them both together and blend them towards the outer lower corner of the eye. If I need a little more coverage, or am not in a hurry, I will use a makeup sponge and dab all along the underpart of the eye, blending out to my check bone. This is especially helpful if you don't wear other concealer or foundation: by blending out to the wide part of your face, there isn't just a circle under each eye were there is coverage.

Then I apply any eye make I am going to wear, normally just this NAVY EYE PENCIL and some mascara and then I use this SECRET UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER with a brush {I like this slant blush brush} under each eye and out to the check bone. Finish with a little blush and I might as well be ready for a black tie!

kale pouch

While I am a mom that makes her own baby food, leans towards organic fruits and vegetables and doesn't give the kids sugar, these pouches, or "squishes" as Madrid calls them, tend to be a life saver. Whether it is dealing with hungry kids at the supermarket, in a rush to get out the door and I didn't pack lunch or snacks ahead of time, or when I have a hangry baby or toddler on my hands, these squishies are our go-to. Some brands have sugar added to them, but that is why this is my and Madrid's favorite.  I can rest assured that the kids are having kale and I have already proven that they don't stain.

My interior decorator is crushing it. Crushing. It! Beyond belief. As you have seen on the sneak peaks on Insta stories, she has an amazing eye and I lucky enough to now call her a friend. When she began styling the family room, I already had a ton of candles but I had to keep this one because the smell is amazing and she has already learned that I love a good champagne cocktail.

blush pink loafers

I love a good "mom" shoe. This can be anything from a sexy heel for date night to a baby chasing friendly sneaker. But as loafers are one of my go-tos, especially this time of year, I have to recommend this M.GEMI LOAFER. They are a bit of splurge, but beyond comfortable and form to your foot. They are chic and preppy and go with anything. From my days as a Nurse, I can rarely keep a shoe on all day, but these are an adorable exception!


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