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There is no secret from outfit posts and my LIKEtoKNOW.it that these CHLOE FLATS are among my favorite and most worn pieces in my closet. An investment, yes, but I love them so much I am about to invest in my 4th pair. They are soft as butter, extremely comfortable and I love that they go with everything. I love to slip them on when I have a more girly outfit on, or when I am trying to lead on that I have it all together. They are always something that I recommend to readers that are looking for the ultra timeless but comfortable flat and I know that they will be a part of my closet for years.

Last fall and winter, when Leo was a newborn, we realized that he had inherited my husband eczema. Poor little guy was so uncomfortable. Between the change in weather, being a newborn and cradle cap, poor little man was itchy all over until we found this STELATOPIA LOTION. I could tell a difference in his skin within one application and the CRADLE CAP SHAMPOO I used all over his body every other day, focusing on problem areas every other other day. 

If you are worried about the change in weather effecting your little ones, I cannot recommend this enough! This is in by no means sponsored, but this was a life saver last winter and I wanted to share. I have already ordered a new bottle of lotion for my little ones to use at the first signs of winter dry skin. I know that this lotion is not inexpensive, but it was the only thing that helped with my son's skin, and I tried many brands. Even organic virgin coconut oil didn't work as well and as fast as this lotion. When ever my kids have a skin alignment and no other brand seems to be working, I always turn to Mustela brand. {again, not sponsored, it just is the best!} If you don't like to order online, this is also available at most Targets, fyi for your next mommy run!

best striped tees

There are endless striped tees available for purchase and in my closet. I 100% consider them a part of my mom uniform. Whether they be short sleeve with a wider stripe, like this one, or a looser body with a peplum stripe, like this one, I find that the go with everything and are good for everything. From playdates to pizza dates, I saw that you never have enough stripes. {plus, I think they look so cute with this excursion vest, that is also a mommy staple of mine. }

best matte lips

This is my go-to lip combo and by far, the color I get the most questions about. I love to use the lip liner {in color 'Edge to Edge'} to fill in the entire lip for a matte dark rose pink look. To make the lip liner go on smooth, I will either start or finish the look with a swipe of my favorite Chap stick. I love this lip liner so much that I have multiple stashed in my purses and in the car. Again, a quick application of this makes me feel like a pulled together mom. And when worn with my huge sunglasses, no other makeup is needed!

I never understood the cult following of this soap until I bought some myself. I used to use another natural company's soap throughout my home, since we were purchasing their other household products. Now, I am a Meyer's soap convert! The scents are amazing and I love the way that my hands feel super clean and not dried out. With more bathrooms in our new home, I love to buy these in bulk so where ever the kids and I are at home making a mess, I know that the closest bathroom will be stocked! Again, NOT SPONSORED, but after washing my hands countless times before I have even washed my face, this soap is my favorite. My favorite scents are Basil and Geranium. 

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