mom outfit and why our kids aren't on the internet

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I try to keep my life private.

A strange thing for a 'blogger' to do since this community has turned over sharing into a new way to make an income for 'stay at home yet share everything' moms. You can literally monetize your precious moments. Hashtag, thank you Internet!

I digress...

I try to keep my life private. Not because I think that I am at a risk for something bad to happen or I think I am too cool. I think we live in an era of over sharing and I often wonder of the long term repercussions of this time. What will we look back and think? What will presidential campaigns look like for the generations that have lived their lives out completely on their parents' social media channels? And furthermore, what are the health risks??? I constantly think about eye and vision health, overall stress levels and cancer being on the rise due to this over abundance of technology in our faces and on our minds.

So many times I catch myself enjoying a magical moment and stopping myself, wondering where my phone is to capture the moment...to share on social media. So many precious moments of the past year have gone by in the blink of an eye and I have one thought for the moments I captured and one thought for the moments I didn't: they still happened anyway and they were awesome. The moments that I treasure most, are the ones that I didn't document: Being home in our own bed with Leo 24 hours after having him, sitting in the hallway of our home the other afternoon while Leo was playing with Madrid's clothes hanging on the door, both kids playing in our bathroom in the mornings... The moments are endless. There are also endless moments that I don't remember at the drop of a hat, but come back to me when I look over my photos.

Because we don't share our children's faces and identities on the Internet {trust me, I have ticked off more than a few friends with this request!}, I feel like it is a personal reminder to enjoy real life and take a photo memento for my personal enjoyment. The idea of keeping our children off the Internet stemmed from us 1. not liking the Agreement of Use of many websites we all use and 2. the iPhone is not very old. The children that have been exposed to the iPhone and all that it comes with aren't even in the middle of grade school. We truly don't know or understand the repercussions that this over sharing entails.

My original argument to my parents, who were about to become first time grandparent, was simply privacy. There is a {couple} bloggers that I follow, joyfully, willingly and love them sharing their daily lives with their children. Yet, I haven't personally meet them. I would be able to pick their children out of a crowd, knowing their name, their last vacation, what they had for dinner...not to be being stalker, but for simply scrolling through my feed.

THIS BY NO MEANS IS ME PASSING JUDGMENT, thinking I am better than those that do share, or even thinking less of you if you do share every cute mom detail of life. Trust me, I have countless photos taken a day that are beyond adorable that I would love to share, but I don't because I want a little privacy.

I just worry that life is passing all of us by with our faces in our phones.

Don't forget! Moms, all of us, even the bad ones, are trying our very very best. No mom wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself, "I'm going to do a really bad job at this 'mom' thing today." We are all making the decisions, implementing the life and holding true to our convictions that we think will make the best life for our families and children

So, while you might think that I am being over judgmental, self righteous or hypocritical, take this over sharing post as a reminder to enjoy the real life moments that are happening all around you and put your phones down.

photos by Asha Bailey

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