vivid pink

vivid hot lacquer lipgloss in too cute


Me, like every mom, makes weekly runs to Target. Even with multiple subscriptions of baby items in Amazon and an online shopping addiction that makes the mailman and local UPS driver raise an eyebrow, I still find myself at Target on, at least, a bimonthly basis. Sometimes, {a couple of times lately} it is because it has been too hot for the playground and I needed something random for the house and bananas {not many places have both. You would be surprised}. 

The problem is, my daughter and myself can't seem to make it to the register without having something not necessary but desired in our cart {this lipgloss and ruffle top are from the most recent run}. She convinced me she needed a 'Frozen' water bottle for school and I convinced her, I needed this top and lipgloss for the weekend. Everyone wins.  

I do recommend this new line as the lipgloss isn't sticky or extra 'wet' looking {love a great matte lip} and carries a great pigment. 

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