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This past week was extremely overwhelming.

I just had my daughter last week so I have no idea how is already almost three and has started preschool. Literally... how did that happen. I cried when I saw her cubby at orientation. I cried when I left the room and she was happily playing and had no issue saying goodbye to mom, dad or brother. I cried in the parking lot knowing that I was going to be sending her off to college in the blink of an eye. I know that all moms say on their posts {insert annoying mom blogger voice here} "OMG. hashtag time slow down." BUT... it is totally true. 

My husband and I felt that we were totally in a mom movie during the Parents Only orientation with encouragement to join committees, be Room Mom, fundraising, etc. etc. etc. We love love love our preschool and the families in our class, but I still can't believe we are in this phase of life. I already feel like I am late for class. Cue the nightmares that I still have about showing up to a final completely unprepared. I figured her MONOGRAMMED BACKPACK would make me feel like we are prepared, but apparently not! 

The least I can do is dress the part. If you saw on my Insta-stories, my friends in our class that are also first time preschool moms, were laughing at our cute new outfits and make up first thing in the morning. Other moms that have done this before knew the drill: they showed up in workout gear, comfy, yet cute and looking like they were well prepared. Thank goodness for MY FAVORITE NAVY WORKOUT LEGGINGS {that I have three pairs of: 2 in the 7/8 pants and one in the capri}. 

BUT...this navy tweed jacket is currently 30% off with code MOREPLEASE {more size options here, but not on sale}. So you can dress the part of a cool mom too. 

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