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monogrammed baseball hat

Y'all know that I live for a great monogram. And if you watch my Insta Stories, you also know that my TCU hat is a running staple and is well loved. Therefore, I decided to upgrade it with this CHAMBRAY MONOGRAMMED HAT. I plan on using it until it is also faded and a little stinky. You will see be wearing it poolside, for stroller walks, mommy runs and bad hair days. I think it might need a back up soon...what color to choose!

ruffle collar toddler dress

When readers and friends ask where I like to shop for my little ones, I always mention BELLA BLISS first. I love their southern, preppy style and their sales are not to be missed. I always stock up on ruffles for Madrid and their polos are by far my favorite for Leo. Plus, they monogram. My favorite thing in Leo's closet at the moment is this Seersucker monogrammed jumper {here in corduroy for fall} and my favorite thing for Madrid's at the moment is this floral dress {very Princess Charlotte. Get it monogrammed!}. I will mention it again when they have their next sale: it is the perfect time to stock up since they mark down almost everything!

kim kw lipstick

This color truly looks great on everyone, and every skin tone. I have worn it to events and on days I haven't brushed my hair in hopes of looking like I have it all together. I actually despise who it is named after, but the color is just too good not to want to wear it daily!

wet brush

Someone recommended this to me when Leo was battling cradle cap during his first winter. Try this soft bristle one if your little one is having the same issue. As Leonardo's gorgeous head of hair came in, he needed a little stronger brush. I loaded up on these since they are now my favorite hair brush as well and their mini size immediately make them everyone's favorite toy of choice. I have them in multiple spots around the house and minivan for whenever anyone needs a brush. Most of the time, it is Leo with his Senator hair. I'm literally already jealous!

white ruffle sneaker

I had to have these...before I saw the price. I then proceeded to spend about a month looking for a pair that was as classic yet cute that I liked half as much. After much online shopping and USPS returns, I bit the bullet and bought these. The navy ruffle makes me happy and I have worn them with everything from t-shirts to sundresses. Today, being Labor Day, I hope that no one holds me to the "no white shoes after Labor Day" rule, because I can't get enough! Yes, they are overpriced for a pair of sneaks, but yes, I wear them a lot and have already justified the price in my head for as often as I have worn them.

Plus, at the beginning of the summer, I had endless summer days ahead of me and I found that I deserved a potty training treat for myself after success with my daughter. And I can't resist a navy ruffle...swoon.

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