obsessed with a dress

best red bridesmaid dress

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

timeless capri wedding

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

When I first spotted that red ruffle hem dress I gasped!

I have a confession to make. I stalk weddings. 

I love love love weddings. I still buy wedding magazines and have been known to talk to complete strangers that I overhear talking about weddings about table-scapes, place cards, wedding dresses and bridesmaids' colors. Thank you to Instagram and currently being in wedding season, weddings are easier to 'stalk' thanks to hashtags. 

I follow @tuckernuck on Instagram so stumbling across this one did not entail looking at wedding guest's photos that I am not friends with to find the wedding hashtag. I knew when I first saw that red ruffle hem dress that I needed it right away and to see more of this Capri destination wedding. The bride, a co-founder of the quintessential preppy company, designed the dresses and obviously has quite the eye. The bridesmaids wore a combination of blue and white Capri ready dresses, sunshine hello silk bow gowns, white off the shoulder bow top paired with a navy skirt and, my favorite, a poppy red ruffle hem dress, all floor length and fabulous. The maids carried coordinating roses and monogrammed cocktail sized straw totes. 

While doing more "research" I found out that the bride, who might have the coolest name ever {September} designed said gowns, including her timeless bridal gown, so I am just hoping that they will make an appearance on her site shortly. I am ready to make a deposit and then find a reason to wear it. {and how great would it be in navy??? hint, hint, hint September!} 

Here is a current version available now.  And I am beyond in love with this navy gown, which if this bridesmaid dress that I am already having dreams about doesn't make an appearance online, might be perfect for an upcoming cousin's wedding.  {Also love this short version that might be related to the bridesmaid's dress that I am obsessed with. }

photos courtesy of Tuckernuck Instagram and Insta-Stories

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