first year as a family of 4

^ after Madrid's first day of school, hugging her brother

^ about 23 hours old

^ Leo's first birthday party

^ meeting for the second time but the first time at home

A letter to my perfect children,

It has been a complete year of our lives, complete thank you to you two. I never imagined I could be so happy, so exhausted, so exhilarated, so blessed, so patient, so overwhelmed, so complete. I wish I could bottle up the euphoria that I felt laying in my own bed roughly 24 hours after having Leo, hearing Madrid and dada playing in the hall, thinking I have never ever been so happy. But it has gotten better over the last 12 months.

Y'all are each so special, so kind, so happy, literally walking angels that we have been so blessed to be guardians of. I don't know how I am so lucky. If you only knew how much I love you, you wouldn't believe it and you will never know. I wrote this in Madrid's journal when she was born, but I totally still feel the same way: you will never know how much I love you because when you have your own children, you will think that there is no way that I loved you as much as you love them.

You both make me a better person, teach me life lessons each day and show me a new side of this glorious life. Whether it be seeing things for the first time or making each other laugh in the back seat, you complete my life each and every moment, especially on the tough ones. I love getting to relive the fun discoveries with Madrid taking her older sister role very seriously, always pointing out things to Leo, always showing him what she likes and always asking if he likes things too. My current favorite is telling Leo "it's Ok. We're almost there," when we get in the car.

You both make me so happy and I am excited to see you grow. I always tell you you are each others' best friends and I can't wait to see you go through life with each other by your side. There is no greater gift that I could give you besides my undying love and support and a sibling for each other.

This past year was full of every emotion under the sun, many challenges, some low lows and every high highs. I hope for each of you that the highs are extremely blissful and long and the lows aren't that low and are very short lived. I love you both beyond words. You both make our family complete. You make me proud and I love you both. Happy First Year.


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