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cute 11 month old photos

When we were recently in Idado to watch the eclipse, my mom snapped this adorable photo on Little Man's 11 month birthday. He was full of smiles and totally happy, like 99.9% of the moments of his life. 

This top has since sold out, but there is the fall version here and more similar options, all under $100, below. 

striped peplum top

On Monday mornings, I like to share the most clicked on item from the week before on my Insta Story. For the last couple of weeks, this striped peplum top currently on sale, {more sizes here} has been the most clicked on and purchased item. I have been wearing it at least once a week and I am sure that you are tired of seeing it. I recommend sizing down. I got a small but think an XS would have been better. 

Leave it to me to have our first real beach day ever be the first day of September. 

I always say that only San Diego natives don't really like the beach but that is because I don't like the beach. This photo was weeks ago, and there is still sand all over the car and stroller. Nevertheless, Madrid and Leo had a great time! Leo happily ate sand and didn't seem to mind the waves, until one almost knocked him over. Madrid, after prepping her and getting her ready all week by telling her we were going to the beach, seemed ok with "sand on my feeties" which is something she normally hates on the playground. 

My favorite moment of this week was her grasping my legs as waves came. Any chance for a snuggle! # momlife

white lace flutter top outfit

I can't stop wearing all white. This under $100 WHITE LACE FLUTTER TOP makes it a little too easy. Plus, I love the mix of the ultra feminine top with the extremely versatile white converse sneakers. and I get to twin with little man. 

family fall shoes

From my Insta Stories with some back to school shopping. My son has been wearing the WHITE VELCRO CONVERSE nonstop and my daughter can't wear these GLITTER LITTLE GIRLS SHOES. We have daily negotiations to not wear them in bed. 

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