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Being a mom is hard work.

Not like hard hard work that doesn't come naturally, but hard work because I am hard on myself. I always am asking myself internally, "is that meal too much iron? Is that meal too little protein? Is that how you really say that in Spanish? Is that politically correct to say in front of little ones? Am I doing this right? Am I doing this wrong?"

As every mom has been around another mom at least a couple of times, it is hard to not compare. Not like high school mean girl compare, but like compare strategic tactics and see if you are doing similar things to get the same outcomes : socially balanced, socially and globally aware little ones that are conscious, great global citizens and overall amazing little humans. 

There are some days that I am dancing around, high fiving myself for getting it right. Those days with little self doubt. But then there are those days...where nothing seems to be going right and you question every little decisions from the choice of socks to your overall parenting techniques. 

While this post might be a letter to myself as much as it is to other moms, I want to let you know that you are doing a great job. Sometimes, the only encouragement I need is a hug from my princess and a smile from across the room from my little prince. But sometimes, my husband might spend the better time of the evening grabbing me by the shoulders and looking me in the eye telling me I am doing a great job. 

I want to instill confidence in all my readers for the amazing job they are doing just by being themselves. While I write this thinking about "mom-ing" I know that not everyone is in that phase of life. 

I am so honored to be a part of this "blogging" community where we all, hopefully, lift each other up, encourage each other and provide fun content to look at and be inspired by. Yet, I know that it is easy to compare to those feeds, bloggers, you name it, who seem to have it all together. Don't worry. You do too. We are each doing the very best that we can, even on those days that you just "Can't Even."

What my husband and I always chuckle to ourselves about is, as a little kid, you assume and know to your core that your parents know what they are doing and have it all together. It has been the biggest earth shattering experience to be on this side of parenting and realize that Mom and Dad were just trying to figure it out too. 

So...here is to figuring it out and to more days that you are dancing around the kitchen, high fiving yourself.

photos by Asha Bailey Photography


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