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best baby toy

This walker always get top rated for toddler and baby toys. It was the first noise making and plastic toy that Madrid got and we still love to watch videos of her carefully pulling herself up and then very cautiously using it to get around and then carefully sitting down when she got to her destination. Even when she was a confident walker, she would love to use it to stroll around the house. This keep Leo, at almost one, entertained for longer than most toys. Being all boy, he is on the move and not cautious like his sister! 

This is something that I always recommend to people who ask for gifts for babies about one year old. Even if you know a baby who is walking, all babies seem to love this. As you can see, both kiddos, Madrid almost 3 and Leo almost 1, love this toy and playing together!

navy puffer vest and striped tee

This vest is something that I post about every fall. I have a couple in my closet and wear them daily in the fall and winter as they are the perfect Southern California winter layer. I love them over workout gear, cashmere, chambray...the options are endless. Every year they include new colors, like this year's FLORAL EXCURSION VEST, which makes last year's styles cheaper {found here}. I have navy {in two styles. insert eye roll emoji here}, and herringbone. This year I am eyeing this Bordeaux color {$39} thinking it will be a perfect mom uniform with my favorite workout leggings in the same color. 

This is always my fall must have and I cannot recommend it to readers enough! 

sonix sunglasses

This brand of sunglasses I found SONIX SUNGLASSES during the Nordstrom sale and I literally am their biggest fan now! I love this company's phone cases but these sunglasses are amazing! I got these two pairs and love the look of them, get a ton of compliments on them {even my husband, who doesn't love or understand my sunglasses obsession, said he likes these ones} and the price point is on point. 

All moms now that sunglasses are a life saver for those days you don't quite have enough time to put on a simple coat of mascara or had a teething baby the night before. Plus, sunglasses are something I always recommend to give a closet a spruce up or when you are itching for something new but need nothing. 

white nike selfie

As seen on all our hiking Insta Stories from our end of summer trip to Sun Valley, these WHITE NIKE SNEAKERS are my workout mommy must have! I don't really know what I was thinking when I packed a brand new pair {...actually, I was thinking of a cute travel selfie that I totally forgot to take once dealing with kiddos at the airport} but they got trashed on all our hikes and morning runs. I ordered another pair before we even got home even though I have a similar style already. What can I say? I really like these shoes and that the white looks good with all workout clothing, especially my favorite navy leggings {tired of hearing about these yet?!?}. And if you are into the athleisure look, they are cute with just about everything. 

I do feel like white sneaks are on trend right now, even though we are well past Labor Day and I can already imagine mommy ready outfits with puffers vest and workout gear with clean white sneakers, even on the days that I don't get a workout in. I like to wash mine by spraying a stain remover and throwing them in the washing machine with my whites. I also do that with Leo's white sneakers

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