white lace flutter sleeve

white lace top outfit
chloe flats and skinny jeans outfit

white lace flutter sleeve top
topshop skinny jeans and chloe flats
skinny jeans mom outfit

white lace top outfit

white lace top outfit

skinny jeans and chloe flats

white lace top outfit

I try to make my blog relatable.

I try to mix price points, looks, innovative ideas {like boots in scarves in the fall...sandals in the summer..}. Yet, there are somethings that I won't be blogging about. Such as the best winter coat to buy for heavy snowfall or how to legitimize $550 for a pair of beat up sneaks. {seriously. It's a thing. Check it out here. I am shocked. Especially since I am constantly trying to keep my shoes pristine.}

And while I try to be inspiring to your wardrobe and daily, girly life with my posts, I can't fight that I am a skinny jeans and cute top kind of girl. Add this to the growing list on why I am a bad blogger. BUT...this is what I like to wear, this is what I am most comfortable in and therefore you see this on repeat on outfit posts. 

SOOO... between that and my need for any cute top that I can find for under $100, this top was a no brainer.  I was a little nervous when it arrived and I realized that it wasn't lined, but in these photos I am wearing a nude bra and it doesn't look or feel too risqué. Don't forget: I'm a mom. 


1. I have been telling myself I would get better at speaking Spanish for 7 years. And then my plan was to relearn Italian. My Spanish is beginner conversational at best but I was always able to communicate with my Spanish speaking patients when I was a nurse, with confidence

2. It is my daily goal to make everyone happy. And workout. I have had recent success with both {I love the Tone it Up girls and their quick but effective workouts. Watch their videos for free on YouTube.}

3. Our bed is better than any hotel bed. I promise. {thanks Jerome's}

4. I was the first person that went to college at TCU in the history of my high school. Now they send at least one a year.

5. I don't understand people who like little dogs. Get a cat or get a dog.

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