the best jeans and some mom truth

white bell sleeves and high waisted skinny jeans outfit

You want to know why I am not posting outfit posts everyday???

because I am a mom of two and on the difficult days, I high five myself for making it out of the house, brushing my teeth and getting a workout in. {or quite possibly, just one of those three}. While I love love being a part of this community that encourages each other, I sometimes {read, weekly} think of quitting.

Instagram and sharing snippits of life can lend itself to self doubt, comparison and unrealistic expectations. I know that I am not the only one that spends an unhealthy amount of time picking a filter or choosing what photo fits into my feed best. {While I pride myself on not retouching photos or knowing my way around face-tune or photoshop, I do love a great filter that makes my photos cohesive.} I do pride myself on being a mom that makes her own food for the little ones, is still breastfeeding and hasn't given the kids sugar. But I am not one of those moms that puts on makeup everyday, wears half of the {adorable!} things in my closet, or has it all together.

I know that many of us have touched on it, but don't forget! there are 24 hours in the day, that is 1,440 minutes. If your favorite blogger is sharing 1-2 photos a day, there are probably 1,439 other minutes that life doesn't look like their feed, mine included.

While I would love to be a mom in cashmere and heels all the time, I am not. While I would like to wear lipstick everyday, I don't. While I want to wear the cute outfits that I share everyday, I can't. If a 30 minute run makes me happy and thus a better mom, I am going to rock my sweaty workout clothes for the rest of the day, or until I have a chance to shower, which, quite possibly might be at 10pm, after I have edited a cute photo for my feed.

Soooo.....the point of this post is, underneath it all, I am a jeans and top kind of girl. They will be skinny jeans and a cute {navy J.crew} top, but I find that this dressing, when I have time to get dressed, fits into my life and is my preferred style.

These jeans are my Absolute favorites right now. When I put them on, I did a booty dance for about 10 minutes because they were so flattering.  And then proceeded to try on all of my current favorite tops with them. And these I quite possibly bought them because a 27 was too big, so size down.

I find that a new pair of jeans can give your closet the simple refresh it needs, so these are my favorites that are currently on sale or under $100.

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