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Who else is in a Princess Diana rabbit hole?

With all the recent coverage for the 20 year anniversary, I have read two biographies of the Royal Family, have purchased every magazine that even mentions Diana and I have every special DVR'd. But I digress. Kind of...

I have been wearing blue eyeliner since an impulse duty free purchase sophomore year of college. While the ways I wear it has changed with time, I still love a great navy eyeliner. Currently, I like it in the outer corners of my upper lid and along the lower outer waterline of my lower eye. Nobody did the blue eyeliner better than Princess Di and now with my refueled Royal Family obsession, you might be hard pressed to find me not rocking it. 

This navy liner is my most recent purchase and I love how smooth is goes on. If you are not one for eyeliner, I highly recommend this. If you want to try the look without splurging, try this one {$10}

Another way I like to wear a navy eye is by using this angled brush and this navy eyeshadow in Giove. Dab the brush in the shadow and then dab is on your eye in segments until you have a completed line. This creates a softer look than dragging it across the lash line. 


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