mommy monday

mom embroidered pocket tees

Y'all know that I love easy but cute dressing. I also love a great tee and a budget friendly find. And I love the slouchy boyfriend style, but now with adorable embroidered detailing. This, to me, makes the tee look high end and more pulled together than your favorite {real} boyfriend tee.  

white bow toddler girl shoes

I get lots of questions about Madrid's style. I love seeing little girls cultivate their clothing choices, as it is such an individual combination of what their parents like and what they think is their style. Madrid, at almost three, is very opinionated about her fashion and I couldn't be more excited that she prefers to dress extremely girly. She is already stealing my shoes and loves being in my closet. I wonder where she gets it from...

I get a lot of questions about the best toddler shoes. I have loved her in PEDIPEDS and I love the style of them. They are comfy with and without socks and come in multiple styles and colors {I love these for dressier days}. Sadly, the cuter style are meant for smaller feet, but I have recently fell in love with this brand for playground friendly shoes, and they come in navy! I just ordered this dark denim pair for school!

monogrammed key chain wallet

I had a similar key chain in collage. Your student ID was the key to campus {literally!}. It got you into the gym, purchased items at the bookstore {hello SendHome!}, granted you access into your sorority house and of course, got you into the library. Therefore, I had one of these, complete with my sorority monogram. 

Because I literally have my hands full and have lost my keys and credit card more than once with two little ones in tow, I decided to bring the wallet key chain back. Complete with my monogram, I have yet to loose my keys or credit card since I purchased this for myself. I am all about simplifying my mom life, and if that means more monograms, I am all for it!

easy mom makeup

This summer has been all about no makeup for me. One time, I counted and I existed 8 days in a row with no makeup. I have recently re-realized that a little mascara goes a long way, especially for my blonde eyelashes. Therefore, the above has been my go to makeup look for summer. 

como tomo teething toy

This was Madrid's favorite toy when she was Leo's age. My mom's new puppy, at the time, loved it as well, so it was constantly getting replaced. Now it is one of my favorite's due to its cheap price and small size. Perfect for all of our summer travels and easy to throw in the diaper bag!

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