budget pink lips

the best pink lipstick

the best pink lipstick

Y'all know that I love a great pink lip. 

Bright, soft, neon, versatile, I don't think I have ever met a pink lip I didn't like. When I purchased this {$8} lipstick in the personal care aisle at the supermarket, I thought I might like it, but I love it! Never underestimate the makeup aisle at Target or your supermarket! This lipstick is matte but full of pigment. It feels great on your lips and is budget friendly, what is not to love!? Paired with the lip liner I have had to replace multiple times because I have worn it down to a stub, it was perfect date night lip. 

Start in the outer corners of your lower lip, working towards the center in short strokes. Rub your lips together to mix up and lower lips together and fill in where color is missing or not uniform. Line your lips, starting the same way you did the lipstick: the outer corners of the lower lip, concentrating in the middle of your bottom lip.  Rub your upper and lower lip together to make the line soft. Line the upper lip and rub together again. 

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