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best of NSale 2017

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Sick of this sale yet???

I saw an Instagram post from my new favorite snarky account @YourAverageBlogger that there is more going on in the world besides this sale. I totally agree. But here is a round up of what I got and some of which I am still waiting patiently for the mail man to deliver!

1. TIERED TOP {$27} comes in navy too! // 2. BOBBI BROWN PALETTE {$98} I honestly just wanted the check side so I figure the eyeshadow is free with purchase since I found that price to be amazing for the cheek selections alone! // 3. PEARL MULE SLIDES {$59} At this price, these velvet faux pearl slide are outfit makers  // 4. NIKE WHITE SNEAKERS {$105} you never have enough! I always like to have a fresh pair or two waiting in their box for me in my closet so the second an old pair starts to not feel like they are helping me go my hardest or fastest, my workouts don't have to be delayed for a sneaker delivery // 5. BLACK CAP TOE SNEAKERS {$59} my favorite purchase of the sale! The quality is amazing and I know that they will get tons of wear in the fall and Southern California winter. // 6. NIKE WHITE SNEAKERS {$119}  I love the rose gold swoosh.  // 7. PARKER 50mm SUNGLASSES {$79}  I have been itching for a new pair of sunnies and I love that these are a light pair, yet still huge to cover my wrinkles // 8. GRADIENT LENS OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES {$79} because I never know where my sunglasses are! // 9. HATHA HIGH WAISTED WORKOUT LEGGING {$34}  this color has sold out countless times. If they have your size available, snag them asap! // 10. COZY OPEN FRONT CARDIGAN {$79} My second favorite purchase of the sale. Beyond cozy, it is definitely worth full price. Multiple colors and sizes have been restocked. I wish they had the color I want in Small, but I love it so much that I will love the extra oversized feel! // 11. JAMIE HIGH WAIST RIPPED JEANS {$75} not even part of the sale, but too good! I did a booty dance the second I had them on and didn't want to take them off, even though the weather here has been anything but jeans weather. // 12. HIGH WAIST SKINNY JEANS  {$131} I love that this sale provides a chance, and the monetary encouragement to try brands you might not otherwise try. I am in love with the fit of these jeans and that they run large. I am in the smallest pair of jeans I have ever been in! // 13. JAMIE HIGH WAIST SKINNY ANKLE JEANS {$45} The price and fit on these are not to be missed. They were recently restocked, so buy them now!

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  1. So many great outfit ideas for summer. Love the combinations and love the part that they are not overly expensive. Thank you. Now I can look trendy and uptodate within the budget.


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