best of nordstrom sale

best of nordstrom sale

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I know, I know y'all are so over this sale.

But I wanted to be honest. Y'all know I can't resist a great sale and this one was no different. Normally, when I buy things on sale, they are fun and festive and something I might not necessarily buy if they weren't marked down. But, this sale {and thus this collage} are a little boring, because I have included things that I really bought.

1. GOLD BOW FRAME {$16} - this already is on our new dresser with an adorable photo of our daughter in it // 2. BLACK SUEDE TENNIS SHOES {$59} - this is probably my favorite purchase of the sale. Not something I would necessarily have purchased, or even have looked at twice if it wasn't on sale, but I can not wait to wear these in the fall! // 3. COZY CIRLCE CARDIGAN {$78} - this has already sold out three times. beyond beyond soft. Seriously. You must feel it to believe it. And this is one of those things that I would totally argue is 100% worth full price. But I wouldn't have thought so if I hadn't taken the plunge because it was marked down. So you will have to trust me... // 4. GIRLS' PLAID DRESS {$26} - I couldn't resist a little new something for my little angel as she starts preschool in the fall. // 5. HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS {$37} - I need more workout leggings like a need a hole in the head. I already cleaned out my workout legging drawer, twice, but I couldn't reisist the ultra flattering cut of these in the blush, before they sold out. If you love the high waisted look/feel/find, {who doesn't???}, I highly recommend these in whatever color they still have in your size.  // 6. HIGH WAISTED SKINNY ANKLE JEANS {$132} - I hadn't tried this brand before, but there are endless designer jean options on sale, still available in multiple sizes. Buy them. Try them on at home. and return the ones you don't like. You will like the jeans more if you know you got them for a steal. // 7. ANIMAL EAR HOODIE {$23} - So cozy and duh, in navy. I bought this in 18 months, and it will totally fit either child at the moment. I figure it will be cozy and warm for pre school drop offs and early morning fall runs. But I also picked up this for the little man as it was totally something that I would wear for the same activities.  // 8. POM POM BINS {$68} - The set already sold out in blush, but they come in multi colors and navy. But I found individual ones in blush here in large and here in mini. // 9. ARCONA TONER PADS {$45/ two} - this is two for one! I love love love these pads and they double as makeup remover or an instant refresh. This impulse purchase from the Anniversary Sale a couple of years ago has quickly become a part of my daily routine. These toner pads made me fall in love with this skincare line. Love this mask and these brightening drops. // 10. NAVY PJ SET {$43} - If you buy one thing from this sale {ok, maybe two. Get these shoes!}, buy these pjs. Another impulse purchase from a sale from years past, in the fall, these pjs are what make me do laundry. I want to wear them everyday. I purchased another pair in navy {duh!} and a short sleeve set.

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