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Because I don't share my kids on the Internet, some readers are surprised that I have two little ones. But those readers that have been here a while, know that there is nothing about my life that I enjoy more. 

As many momma readers have been asking for diaper bag advice, I dedicate this post to you! One certain reader said she couldn't find anything cuter than a Gucci Diaper bag. While I agree that this certain bag will get more use than your favorite Chanel, it will also get more use than your favorite Chanel, so I personally didn't want to invest in a piece with such a price tag. 

I was introduced to the Barrington St. Anne Diaper bag when I was expecting my first little one and it was the first thing I ordered when we found out we were pregnant the second time. You can personalize it, monogram it and I love the hooks that keep it in place and easy access when you have your stroller on the move. Nevertheless, now with two little ones to manage, I can't resist the urge for a backpack. But, #momtruth, lately I haven't really been using a diaper bag at all, but just make sure there are wipes and a few diapers in the minivan, somewhere... {Our daughter is potty trained.}

Here is a selection of what I have currently found that I would recommend to any and all mommas, new, expecting or long overdue for a diaper bag refresh!

QUILTED FAUX LEATHER BACKPACK - I love the look of this one and that it is currently on sale. 

MONOGRAMMED BOAT AND TOTE - Y'all know that I love a good monogram and this bag allows you pick a color and know that you can easily throw it in the wash or hose it down. I've done both. Insert this diaper bag organizer {or this one} and all your baby's items instantly have a spot.

THE ANTI DIAPER BAG - I love love love anything this company makes and it is often the first question I ask when people tell me they are pregnant: "Have you heard of Hatch?" The labels of the extra bags are too funny and will make you laugh when you are covered in unmentionable yucky stuff. 

GREENWICH SIMPLY CHIC DIAPER BAG - this bag looks like anything but a diaper bag, you might even want to bring it with you to a non baby outing. 

If you already have a bag you like, or are of the type that is refusing a "diaper bag", you can easily convert your favorite tote into an extremely organized non diaper bag with this, this or this. Although, I hate to break it to you mommas, but if it has diapers in it, it is a diaper bag. 

I cannot recommend this diaper changer enough, if you have a diaper bag or not. It makes anywhere an easy and clean diaper changing station. Plus the pocket perfectly hold wipes, extra diapers and hand sanitizer. 

I just bought these personalized wet bags to keep the car and my bag organized with items for each child, in navy and pink. But I also love these and these.  

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