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gingham ruffle dress

My outfit for a recent Sunday church morning with my angel. This exact gingham ruffle dress has since sold out, but I included similar gingham styles below. 

navy and white one shoulder top

As you saw here, I wore this top for the 4th of July in South Texas. I originally purchased it with the pictured outfit in mind, so I was excited to wear it to our date night last week. It also comes in white and is currently marked down to $21 for both colors!

white workout outfit

While I am devoted to this brand, like everyone else and their mom, I have never tried their shorts. When their recent warehouse sale was a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and have worn them daily since. They are extremely comfortable but I do recommend sizing up due to their extreme shortness. 

This Nike workout tank is so soft and long that I ordered it in black as well to go with the same shorts above but in black.

succulent phone case

When Arla sent me this case, I couldn't get it on my phone quick enough! I love the way it feels, its light, sleek style and how cute it is. They are offering a10% DISCOUNTto any and all navy & orange readers with the code NAVY. This white marble one and this cute makeup one are in my shopping cart!

white tee and jean shorts

As I said in my Instastories from this pool day, I felt very much like an 1980s mom in this outfit. Including this neon bikini that I scored from the Net-a-Porter sale

Plus who knew, your old, sweaty, stinky, favorite hat could be just a conversation starter? I made three new TCU friends at our pool!



best of nordstrom sale

best of nordstrom sale

1.  // 2.  // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. 

I know, I know y'all are so over this sale.

But I wanted to be honest. Y'all know I can't resist a great sale and this one was no different. Normally, when I buy things on sale, they are fun and festive and something I might not necessarily buy if they weren't marked down. But, this sale {and thus this collage} are a little boring, because I have included things that I really bought.

1. GOLD BOW FRAME {$16} - this already is on our new dresser with an adorable photo of our daughter in it // 2. BLACK SUEDE TENNIS SHOES {$59} - this is probably my favorite purchase of the sale. Not something I would necessarily have purchased, or even have looked at twice if it wasn't on sale, but I can not wait to wear these in the fall! // 3. COZY CIRLCE CARDIGAN {$78} - this has already sold out three times. beyond beyond soft. Seriously. You must feel it to believe it. And this is one of those things that I would totally argue is 100% worth full price. But I wouldn't have thought so if I hadn't taken the plunge because it was marked down. So you will have to trust me... // 4. GIRLS' PLAID DRESS {$26} - I couldn't resist a little new something for my little angel as she starts preschool in the fall. // 5. HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS {$37} - I need more workout leggings like a need a hole in the head. I already cleaned out my workout legging drawer, twice, but I couldn't reisist the ultra flattering cut of these in the blush, before they sold out. If you love the high waisted look/feel/find, {who doesn't???}, I highly recommend these in whatever color they still have in your size.  // 6. HIGH WAISTED SKINNY ANKLE JEANS {$132} - I hadn't tried this brand before, but there are endless designer jean options on sale, still available in multiple sizes. Buy them. Try them on at home. and return the ones you don't like. You will like the jeans more if you know you got them for a steal. // 7. ANIMAL EAR HOODIE {$23} - So cozy and duh, in navy. I bought this in 18 months, and it will totally fit either child at the moment. I figure it will be cozy and warm for pre school drop offs and early morning fall runs. But I also picked up this for the little man as it was totally something that I would wear for the same activities.  // 8. POM POM BINS {$68} - The set already sold out in blush, but they come in multi colors and navy. But I found individual ones in blush here in large and here in mini. // 9. ARCONA TONER PADS {$45/ two} - this is two for one! I love love love these pads and they double as makeup remover or an instant refresh. This impulse purchase from the Anniversary Sale a couple of years ago has quickly become a part of my daily routine. These toner pads made me fall in love with this skincare line. Love this mask and these brightening drops. // 10. NAVY PJ SET {$43} - If you buy one thing from this sale {ok, maybe two. Get these shoes!}, buy these pjs. Another impulse purchase from a sale from years past, in the fall, these pjs are what make me do laundry. I want to wear them everyday. I purchased another pair in navy {duh!} and a short sleeve set.


diaper bag

monogrammed diaper bag

Because I don't share my kids on the Internet, some readers are surprised that I have two little ones. But those readers that have been here a while, know that there is nothing about my life that I enjoy more. 

As many momma readers have been asking for diaper bag advice, I dedicate this post to you! One certain reader said she couldn't find anything cuter than a Gucci Diaper bag. While I agree that this certain bag will get more use than your favorite Chanel, it will also get more use than your favorite Chanel, so I personally didn't want to invest in a piece with such a price tag. 

I was introduced to the Barrington St. Anne Diaper bag when I was expecting my first little one and it was the first thing I ordered when we found out we were pregnant the second time. You can personalize it, monogram it and I love the hooks that keep it in place and easy access when you have your stroller on the move. Nevertheless, now with two little ones to manage, I can't resist the urge for a backpack. But, #momtruth, lately I haven't really been using a diaper bag at all, but just make sure there are wipes and a few diapers in the minivan, somewhere... {Our daughter is potty trained.}

Here is a selection of what I have currently found that I would recommend to any and all mommas, new, expecting or long overdue for a diaper bag refresh!

QUILTED FAUX LEATHER BACKPACK - I love the look of this one and that it is currently on sale. 

MONOGRAMMED BOAT AND TOTE - Y'all know that I love a good monogram and this bag allows you pick a color and know that you can easily throw it in the wash or hose it down. I've done both. Insert this diaper bag organizer {or this one} and all your baby's items instantly have a spot.

THE ANTI DIAPER BAG - I love love love anything this company makes and it is often the first question I ask when people tell me they are pregnant: "Have you heard of Hatch?" The labels of the extra bags are too funny and will make you laugh when you are covered in unmentionable yucky stuff. 

GREENWICH SIMPLY CHIC DIAPER BAG - this bag looks like anything but a diaper bag, you might even want to bring it with you to a non baby outing. 

If you already have a bag you like, or are of the type that is refusing a "diaper bag", you can easily convert your favorite tote into an extremely organized non diaper bag with this, this or this. Although, I hate to break it to you mommas, but if it has diapers in it, it is a diaper bag. 

I cannot recommend this diaper changer enough, if you have a diaper bag or not. It makes anywhere an easy and clean diaper changing station. Plus the pocket perfectly hold wipes, extra diapers and hand sanitizer. 

I just bought these personalized wet bags to keep the car and my bag organized with items for each child, in navy and pink. But I also love these and these.  


Instagram lately

white ruffle sneakers

These navy ruffle sneakers are my latest addition to my daily mom uniform. They are equally as cute with jeans as with dresses and I can never resist a navy ruffle. This was my outfit for our recent travels and this long ruffle top was the perfect thing to nurse on the plane in. Whether you are a nursing mom or not, you will love the longer back and ruffle hem.

polka dot bikini

I couldn't resist adding new swim wear to collection. {This navy ruffle bikini top I have worn with countless bottoms I already owned. Navy is a neutral, y'all. Navy is a neutral.}

striped bell sleeve top

chambray off the shoulder outfit

It was date night, so I wanted to wear something festive. But we were getting pizza, so I dressed it down with my trusted and true converse.

eyelet ruffle sleeve top

I can't stop buying white. But this eyelet ruffle sleeve top wasn't what I need to help me stop. I figure white, especially in Southern California, will work year around.


white off the shoulder

white off the shoulder top outfit

white off the shoulder top outfit

white off the shoulder top outfit

navy chanel woc outfit

white off the shoulder top outfit

white off the shoulder top outfitwhite off the shoulder top outfit

white off the shoulder top outfit

white off the shoulder top outfit

white off the shoulder top outfit

I am really quiet thankful for the off the shoulder trend.

Not only is it ultra flattering and nursing mommy friendly, but I love the way that it can easily be dressed up or down. While this outfit was my go to for a recent date night, I also wore it with my favorite denim shorts for the recent long weekend. Plus, this new to me online retailer has the best summer dressing selections {love this nude lace dress, this navy off the shoulder top and gray wrap skirt}.

I love the quality of this top {and the price!} and I can't get enough of the elbow tie detailing. You know that I can't get enough summer white right now!



pool bag with kids

pool bag with kids

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15

As seen on my Instagram, we have been hitting the pool pretty hard this summer. While our club has many amenities, packing the pool bag for the three of us always seemed daunting in the beginning, but now I have it down to a science.

What you need:

#1 - a chic fit all beach bag that is easy to throw everything into. Who doesn't love this monogrammed straw tote? {Also found here}

#2 - My favorite sunscreen for the kiddos and me! Non-greasy, quick easy spray bottle and no harsh chemicals

#3 - a quick and easy diaper changer for the public bathroom or the lounge chair

#5 - on days we get it together to get to the pool before the summer haze has burnt off, or we do a late afternoon swim, I prefer to put my daughter in a one piece vs. a sun shirt. This elephant print swimsuit, this floral skirted swimsuit and this blue ruffle swimsuit are our current rotation

#6 - my son is always in a sun shirt 

#7 - my go-to sunnies

#8 - easy flip flops

#9 - my favorite lip balm sun protection for my kisser

#11 - our club has a full restaurant, but I always stash a snack for the cuties {another favorite snack}

#12 - the best sunhat for little ones. It has 50SPF and is adjustable for growing little heads.

#13 - the best swim diaper for my son {my daughter is potty trained! high five me!}

#14 & #15 - dry clothes to change into for the little ones


datenight lips

ysl lips

ysl lipstick and mac soar

This lipliner has much more of brown undertone than my normal go-to rich pinks. Yet, it perfectly paired with one of my all time favorite lip colors that I have had in my makeup bag for years. I love that the lip formula is super light but the color rich. 

I like to start my lining my lips with MAC LIPLINER IN SOAR then fill it in with SAINT LAURENT ROUGE VOLUPTE LIPSTICK in CARESS PINK. Then go back over the outline of the lips if you want a bit more definition. 


patio sales

Who doesn't have patio envy from this photo?

I just ordered some patio furniture for our new house. I was planning on waiting until the end of the summer in hopes to find a major sale, but they are all happening now! Below are most patio furniture sales that are not to be missed if your patio needs some furniture or a little update {I got this set for cheaper than a sofa that I was originally eyeing from another online retailer!}

love these chairs and might order them for the back patio

got these for our new patio set

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