vacation ready

best beach vacation items for mom

For the Plane:  ORGANIC FRUIT POUCHES my daughter calls them squishies // LION TEETHING TOY // WOODEN ANIMAL PUZZLES {they come in automobiles too and these animal puzzles are my daughter's favorites!}  // DIAPER CHANGER {a life changer! I hate public bathrooms, so this gives me peace of mind and makes a diaper change easy and germ free anywhere. I have even used this on the seat back table on the airplane. Apologies to the person using my seat after me...} 

By the time my daughter was the age my son is currently, she has been on 13 flights.

Most of the travel was planned before her arrival and before we realized what we were getting ourselves into. That is why my son is about to take his first flight.

Nevertheless, even though we have a difficult day of travel ahead of us, traveling is something that my husband and I are passionate about and we want to instill this in our kids. Especially being a biracial family, culture, our childrens' heritage, is very very important to us to share with them. We expect them to be proactive and conscience global citizens, therefore they need to see the world.

That being said, I can't really take a vacation without my new favorite mom-bod ready one piece or a new navy sundress, am I right?

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