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I get stage fright...

When getting my hair done. Whether it be for a wedding, the occasional blowout or my very infrequent hair cuts {hashtag motherhood}, I spend time pinning ideas and looking at magazines for "research." When it comes time to sit in the chair and the inevitable question comes, "So, what are you thinking?", I always get nervous and quickly respond, "Whatever you think!"

I keep this pin on my Wedding Board and Beauty Board, and have it in my phone under screenshots. Because Pinterest wasn't mainstream, like it is now, for my wedding planning, I had a hard time describing what I wanted on my wedding day. This picture is the ultimate undo, in my opinion: chic, polished, not too perfect and feminine. This past weekend, the bride's friend was able to perfectly execute this look and I had the best hair do I have ever had! I didn't want to take it down {and didn't until Sunday evening!}. 

If you have an upcoming event or wedding, I recommend checking out my boards for hair inspiration {I keep these on Wedding and Beauty-ful and also love this pin}. 

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