navy tweed

Y'all know that I can't resist a great tweed jacket.

I have more than I care to admit hanging in my closet. I am a total sucker for a lady-like tweed jacket or blazer and consider them my uniform. They work from brunch to boardroom {it has, admittedly, been years since I have been in one of those!}. The mix with this feminine camisole and my favorite mom ready distressed jeans is too much fun not to share. Plus, a head to toe navy look with always have me swooning!

Life Update:  As you saw here, we bought a new home! While the last 45 days have been nothing short of hectic, we are having more fun than we should! Moving with two little ones is no joke and I haven't lived in a location this long since I moved out of my parents' house when I went to Texas and even then, I had only been in that house for a year {and, obviously, no furniture was coming with me}.

Nevertheless, I have had to speed up the packing {read, slow down the cleaning and organizing} and have now hit an all time chaotic high! The movers are coming tomorrow, so I am crazily throwing things in boxes and {I guess!} I will continue to sort and organize later. 

The year I graduated from college, I moved a collective of 4 times and a total of 25,000 miles. I {somehow} did this with one suitcase and no furniture to my name, so this move has been a little different!

I cannot believe we are moving to our new home; every time we go over there, we pinch ourselves that it is ours. We continue to picture huge life events there, countless family holidays and continuing to watch our children grow. 

I still have to admit, that this week has not been a dry one: I can't stop crying! We bought this house the year we got married and my first time sleeping here was the night after our wedding. We came home from the honeymoon with nothing but the bed and the bar. We adopted McKinley {our first born: our dog} that summer. We started our family here, we brought both kids home from the hospital to this home and grew our marriage. I got the news of getting my dream job at this dining table, and made the tearful decision to leave it to become a full time mom. I have spent countless hours building my business, this blog, at almost every surface in this home {the office, our bed, the kitchen, the bar, the dining room, etc.}. I will always have fond memories of a bathroom being a clear shot from the kitchen and common area from when I had extreme morning sickness with both of my kids and countless smiles bathing them in the bath and in the kitchen sink. 

I am very excited to move and start this chapter but can't believe how much I am adulting right now!

All of that being said...The new house does not have Internet, so this post will have to suffice for the time being. 

As always, I will continue to update Instagram and promise to share more of the move on my Insta-Story!

photos by Asha Bailey

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