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white off the shoulder top

This pearl off the shoulder top is to die for and it just got marked down to under $60. I am shocked that it is still available, but if it sells out in the meantime, I have included some other budget friendly options. 

I got lots of questions about my dress for a friend's wedding. It is actually a J.Crew Bridesmaid dress. I bought it for the wedding season of 2014 when we had eight weddings. I was only able to wear it to the first one {remember this Instagram from New Orleans?} because I was pregnant with my daughter and it quickly didn't fit. She was a little stow away for that first wedding in New Orleans and I was so nauseous. It was easy to pass my morning sickness off as a continual hangover, but the thought of New Orleans still makes my stomach a little queasy. We need to go back ASAP to remedy this!

shop some of my current favorite long spring dresses that are spring wedding ready!

off the shoulder smocked dress

This dress is easily the comfiest in my closet. I purchased for my growing baby bump {remember seeing it here?} but I convinced myself I would use it in the spring with a new baby as it is also easy to nurse in. It is from last year, but here is this year's version {hello backless!} but I found a dupe in four colors here

The cutest and comfiest spring and wedding ready sandal for under $80!

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