navy & red

red and blue striped dress

navy saint laurent bag
navy dress and hunter boots
navy dress and hunter boots

navy puffer vest

vest and dress outfitvest and dress outfit
navy vest and dress outfit

red and blue striped dress outfit

red and blue striped dress outfit

hunter boots and dress outfit

dress : STRIPED SHIFT DRESS  vest : NAVY EXCURSION VEST here on sale for $50  boots : NAVY HUNTER BOOTS  bag : NAVY SAINT LAURENT SAC DE JOUR  scarf : purchased in India, similar BEIGE SCARF  bracelets : DAVID YURMAN  sunglasses : RAY-BAN AVIATORS 

By now you know that there is no such thing as too many stripes. 

My mom recently saw my closet and laughed! She said that I definitely didn't need anymore stripes...but then I found this dress. Currently on sale for $30, with four colors being on sale for $13, I think it is the perfect excuse for more stripes. 

Blogger Truth: these photos were taken the weekend after Thanksgiving. I want to be a part of a community of moms, bloggers and mom bloggers that build each other up, support one another and don't make each other feel guilty. That being said, I am high-fiving myself as I have lost a noticeable amount of weight since these photos were taken. Being a mom with unrealistic body expectations due to social media, oversharing of my journey and thanks to celebrity moms looking like they are 24 and never had a baby within days of having twins, I have to celebrate the little victories. Unlike other mom bloogers that we all follow that only share the perfect pictures and moments, or the moms that have countless help, whether family or nannies, I have been very honest with anyone who asks that this mom stuff is tough!   

I have never had more fun and this life with this perfect family of four is better than anything that I could have dreamt of. I wanted to open up a little bit, as I love this outfit, but almost re shot these photos, yet I found myself wanting to be authentic. And there is something great about posting outfit inspirations as my body changes. I shared outfit post when I was pregnant, didn't I???

I have a planned an upcoming post on what makes me such a bad blogger {I just have to have the guts to actually post it!}, but I wanted to share this real moment and these photos. I could easily just not address the slight post baby bump or finally learn how to do photoshop and edit the photos, but I hope this real moment gives courage to any reader who needs it. It doesn't have to be about weight, or social media image, but confidence in enjoying the moment of life that you are currently in, whether that be a perfect Instagram photo, or celebrating loosing the last of the baby weight.



  1. Oh sweetheart I just love your outfit you look gorgeous wearing your striped Dress and seeing you wearing your Wellingtons makes me very happy, I wear Wellingtons nearly all the time I go out.

  2. Good for you Hunter! I love these pictures.


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