gray ruffle stripe

gray sweater and jeans
gray striped ruffle sweater

gray ruffle sweater
gray sweater and jeans outfit
gray and blush outfit

ruffle sweater and jeans outfit

nude Louboutin and jeans

striped ruffle sweater

sweater : GRAY RUFFLE SWEATER here in Lilac

Y'all know that I can't resist a stripe...

...or a ruffle...or a cozy layer. So when this sweater combined all three {AND a budget friendly price point, currently on sale for $31 and here in lilac}, I couldn't click purchase quickly enough. 

Lately, I am realizing that I am a mom now, and should probably dress the part. Any moms out there know that daily, if not hourly, out of body experience of realizing these little perfect humans are yours and that you are a mom. If you are like me, you find yourself looking around in shock in your mini van with two cuties staring back at you from the back seat. It truly is beyond rewarding. 

Therefore, I have realized that I must dress the part, thus my new found love and apprecaition for the high waisted denim. Thank goodness that it is a current denim trend and there are lots of options, styles and price points available! This pair was purchased on a whim, to go with this sweater, actually for a monochromatic look, but I loved the way the jeans held everything in place. I had never heard or tried this line before, but I am their newest fan! I have also found that this retailer also has great fitting options at a great price point. {My favorites are the High Rise True Skinny and these are another favorite pair, under $100}

photos by Asha Bailey Photography

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