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little girl monogrammed dress

I found this dress on Etsy, and you know that I live for a great monogram. The cut of this dress is too cute and I have already ordered more colors. As the weather is going to be in the 90s this week, I am sure that Madrid will be thankful for a cool cute dress with her "letters," as she calls her monogram.

I know that everyone else has the weather where this dress is appropriate, but don't worry! I found this fall ready one too!

serena and lily bar stools

These are another acquisition thanks to my amazing interior decorator. After a visit to friends with kids, we realized how kiddo friendly a good counter height chair can be. {Truth be told, I am sitting in them now!} Even though our new kitchen is open concept to the kitchen table/ breakfast nook, by having Madrid sitting in one of these navy and white chairs and Leo's high chair pulled up next to her, I feeling like I have a little family time while I continue to cook dinner.

suede bow sandals

I cannot stress enough the importance of date night. We always knew this, but found it hard to find child care and the energy to make adult time, thus we didn't leave Madrid and have dinner just the two of us until she was 6 months old! We now try to get a date night once a week. With a one and two year old, life is slowly getting back on track, so I find myself looking forward to the dance to dress up and have time just the hubby and me once a week. These SUEDE BOW SANDALS tend to be my shoe of choice nine times out of 10. I love the look, the comfortable mid height heel and the price is too good! I have worn them with almost everything, from navy cocktail dresses to jeans and a cute top. I highly recommend the navy! {duh!}

monogrammed diaper bag

I get asked quite a bit about diaper bags. {See this diaper bag dedicated post}. This is always my first recommendation. I love the monogram but the straps make it a deal changer. There are two straps on the inside of the bag with clasps that hook around your stroller handle, making it stay in place and be easy to rummage through.

Every season they add new patterns and monogram colors, so I highly recommend looking at past seasons if you want brighter color options.

aquaphor for baby

While I have to admit, that I bought this originally for the kiddos and keep it in their rooms, but I tend to use it on me most! I love it for extra dry spots or under my eyes for an extra hydration boost. With a dry change in weather coming {when is fall coming to San Diego?!?}, I plan on using this for my eczema prone boys and my dry hands.


instagram roundup

chambray ruffle top

I love a good Texan tuxedo and the monochromatic look of this outfit with my light wash skinny high waisted jeans, this RUFFLE CHAMBRAY SHIRT and my light blue scalloped loafers. Monochromatic outfits are my favorite fashion look. 

blush ruffle sleeve jacket

Original post here.

orange ruffle top outfit

I went to TCU, Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas for my undergrad degree. We play University of Texas in our conference. So while, I love a good autumnal burnt orange, the purple horned frog in me tends to object. But I couldn't resist this SWISS DOT RUFFLE TOP and have been wearing it frequently during our Southern California late fall heat wave. Just not on game day...

all white outfit with slides

This heat wave has be high-fiving myself all week for buying these $23 BLUSH SATIN BOW SLIDES back in the summer. They are extremely comfortable and my daughter calls them my "pantuflas," the Spanish word for slipper.


velvet hair bow

velvet hair bow

velvet hair bow

I love that this look more than I know how to say. Not only is it easy and chic, but it reminds me of my daily hair bows that my mom put in my hair when I was the same age as my daughter is now. These pins came up in my feed during Paris Fashion week that makes me feel that that makes is 100X more chic. 

The look is extremely easy to recreate with velvet hair bows from multiple retailers, including this blush one {$17}, this one {$14} and this satin one {$10}. Or, you can be like me and want multiple color options to recreate this look to match your outfit at a fraction of the cost, and get this multi color selection. Any that I don't use, I figure I can use for gift wrapping or my daughter to play with. 



smocked off the shoulder and interval treadmill training

smocked off the shoulder dress

smocked off the shoulder dress
smocked off the shoulder dress

smocked off the shoulder dress

smocked off the shoulder dress

smocked off the shoulder dress


As I said on Insta Stories earlier this week, working out is a priority of mine and my special me time. I try to make it a priority everyday and for sure 5 days a week. I feel better, more present, more energetic and like a better mom with a little part of the day dedicated just to me. I want to start sharing my weekly workouts with you. They are nothing special and are easy for me to fit in between handling two cuties. 

In this post, I wanted to share one of my favorite intervals that I created for myself. I cannot get on the treadmill and trot along at one pace. It is so boring! So this interval keeps me busy, out of breathe and the workout passes by so quickly.

Note: I have been running most of my life and continuously through both of my pregnancies and within 3 weeks after. So these speeds are what I use. If you are a beginner, please start at a pace 1-1.5 mph slower than what I have below 

First interval:

0-2 minutes : walking at 3.8-4 mph
2-4 minutes : run at 5.8 mph
4 minutes : add on .1 mph every 30 seconds until you meet your max {I go to 8 mph}

4:00 :5.9 mph
4:30 6 mph
5:00 : 6.1 mph
5:30 6.2 mph 
and so on...

after you hit your max for at least 30 seconds, return to your warm up pace for 1 minute

Second Interval:

add on 0.1mph every 15 seconds
 until max 
hold max for at least 30 seconds

maybe your max for the first interval was 7 mph, try to make this one an improvement by adding on at least 0.3mph and hold the last sprint for 30 second. 
Return to base for 1-1:30 minutes

Third interval:

add on 0.1mph every 10 seconds
until max
hold max at least 30 seconds

Cool Down at base for at least 1:30 seconds, then slow down mph 0.2 mph every 20 seconds until walking. 

This interval is one of my favorites and makes the time go so quickly. I am dripping sweat when it is over and I feel like a new mom! Each week, and each day, the speeds and ease are different. One day, my max might be 8.8mph and another 7 mph. Listen to your body and high five yourself when it is over. Remember, every day is a chance to improve!

photos by Asha Bailey



my most worn lipstick

best light pink lips

This is one of the few lipstick that I have 1. almost worn to the bottom and 2. not lost before doing so! As you can tell, I am a lipstick fanatic and have an entire drawer for my endless collection of colors. But this tends to always be a favorite. It looks great on its own or layered on top of other colors to tone them down. I currently love it with this nude lipliner, but is looks just as great with my all time favorite lipliner in 'Edge to Edge' or for some more definition, with this wildly popular darker shade in 'Soar.'


mommy monday

best under eye brightener

If I am having a day where I am wearing more than just mascara and lip gloss, I tend to use this mommy under eye combo. I think this makes me look immediately awake and my eyes brighter and 100% hides any under eye circles.

I start with this EYE BRIGHTER, using the applicator and dabbing some under each eye. I then go along the lower lash line, on the under part of the eye with this BRIGHT BROW PENCIL. I then use my finger to mix them both together and blend them towards the outer lower corner of the eye. If I need a little more coverage, or am not in a hurry, I will use a makeup sponge and dab all along the underpart of the eye, blending out to my check bone. This is especially helpful if you don't wear other concealer or foundation: by blending out to the wide part of your face, there isn't just a circle under each eye were there is coverage.

Then I apply any eye make I am going to wear, normally just this NAVY EYE PENCIL and some mascara and then I use this SECRET UNDER EYE BRIGHTENER with a brush {I like this slant blush brush} under each eye and out to the check bone. Finish with a little blush and I might as well be ready for a black tie!

kale pouch

While I am a mom that makes her own baby food, leans towards organic fruits and vegetables and doesn't give the kids sugar, these pouches, or "squishes" as Madrid calls them, tend to be a life saver. Whether it is dealing with hungry kids at the supermarket, in a rush to get out the door and I didn't pack lunch or snacks ahead of time, or when I have a hangry baby or toddler on my hands, these squishies are our go-to. Some brands have sugar added to them, but that is why this is my and Madrid's favorite.  I can rest assured that the kids are having kale and I have already proven that they don't stain.

My interior decorator is crushing it. Crushing. It! Beyond belief. As you have seen on the sneak peaks on Insta stories, she has an amazing eye and I lucky enough to now call her a friend. When she began styling the family room, I already had a ton of candles but I had to keep this one because the smell is amazing and she has already learned that I love a good champagne cocktail.

blush pink loafers

I love a good "mom" shoe. This can be anything from a sexy heel for date night to a baby chasing friendly sneaker. But as loafers are one of my go-tos, especially this time of year, I have to recommend this M.GEMI LOAFER. They are a bit of splurge, but beyond comfortable and form to your foot. They are chic and preppy and go with anything. From my days as a Nurse, I can rarely keep a shoe on all day, but these are an adorable exception!



brows and lashes

As you have seen on Insta-Stories, I tend to switch up my mascara game daily {today? nothing.} This one is currently on heavy rotation as I love the wand that makes pushing up easier while applying to give the lashes a little extra curl and thus the eyes more open. 

I know that brow gel is all the rage and this one is a blogger favorite. While at my weekly Target run a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this budget friendly option and decided to give it a try. I am hooked! I have showed y'all the difference and befores and afters of me applying it. It really makes a big difference in your overall makeup look but doesn't give you the super aggressive brow that is getting more and more popular {not for me}. 

These drugstore buys come highly recommended from me and my makeup drawer!


mommy monday

blush cashmere scarf

This blush 100% CASHMERE SCARF is not only a mommy must have, but a fall must have! At only $60 and in five color options, you cannot purchase this oversized scarf quickly enough. It will sell out, I promise. I have already purchased the beige one as well and as the San Diego autumnal weather is currently not cooperating, my daughter loves wrapping up her lion or baby in it to get them "cozy cozy."  I am already having to fight her for the good stuff in my closet. Here is the ribbed version that comes in 3 colors and is also $59.99.

best sippy cups

While the cups that are popular in our house change month to month, these SIPPY CUPS for Leo and these TODDLER CUPS for Madrid are tried and true continual favorites. The sippy cups I use for milk and water for Leo and Madrid only drinks water out of her cups. {we give her milk upon her request, and serve it in a cup with these GLASS STRAWS}. While the toddler cups are leak resistant, they are not 100%, which works for a toddler, since Madrid knows to place her cup down when she is through. The sippy cups are 100% leak proof, to the point I leave one with water in Leo's crib. This is perfect for his phase, as he tends to simply drop his cup whenever and wherever he is through!

I purchase almost everything on Amazon, but I have seen both of these types of cups at my local Target if you want to add them to your list next mommy Target run!

best light pink polish

While I am huge fan of the ever popular gel manicure, as a mom, I have a hard time finding time to get one. I also notice that I almost worry more about it, as they stay on for so long, that a tiny chip will have me worried about the rest of them for the next two weeks. Therefore, I have recently re-fallen in love with giving myself a manicure. That way a simple chip can be easily fixed and I can change the color at bedtime or nap time. 

My at home tips are not quick and make your manicure an ongoing process, but this is what works for me: after doing the dishes, bath time or my own shower, I trim my cuticles and file my nails. Next time I am able to sit down and not have to do anything with my hands {bedtime, nap time}, I paint my nails in 2-3 coats of polish, letting each coat try completely {15-20 minutes} before the next coat. This may mean I get the filing and one coat done one evening and finish my manicure the following night. I don't worry about not painting the skin, because 1. my nails are extremely little and this is too time consuming and 2. I wash my hands a billion times a day and the nail polish on the cuticles will come off. My other favorite tip for this issue is to give your self a manicure on a day that you wash your hair and before you do so. Once your nails are dry, take your shower and wash your hair as normal. Before you get out of the shower, gently pick off the left over polish on your cuticles and it will come right off. 

Finish your at home manicure with this GEL SETTER TOPCOAT and your nails will look like you did have time to go get a gel manicure!

muslin sleep sack

I never quite got down a system or nap time and bedtime routine to use a sleep sack on Madrid {since we adopted swaddling late}, but I have used one on Leo everyday since we stopped swaddling. #MomTruth, I am not sure why but I hated hated swaddling, especially in the middle of the night. I cannot explain it, but I could barely bring myself to do it. 

The sleep sack, in my mind, sets the tone for bed. When I put Leo in his, he knows what is coming and that sleep time is happening. I always always have the same routine so he is all set: change his diaper, put on his sleep sack, turn on the SOUND MACHINE, close the blinds, breastfeed him in his glider with the song for the sleep that is happening {I sing different lullabies depending on the time of day. i.e., he gets a certain song at the first nap, a different one before his afternoon nap and a completely different one for bedtime}. 

I have found this to be helpful so I don't have to put him in pjs for naps, or if everything else goes array, like, when traveling, teething or sick, then at least I can rely on the sleep sack to 1. keep his cozy, 2. not overheat him {I always use these muslin ones} and 3. sets the tone so he knows when it is nap time and bed time.

monogrammed dinner napkins

Moving into a new home with a formal living room, my immediate thought was what kind of table setting I wanted. So I know that y'all are not surprised that one of the first purchases I made was for monogrammed napkins. I was originally going to get these ones at Target and take them to my monogram lady, but found these MONOGRAMMED DINNER NAPKINS on Etsy, that were cheaper and would be done faster! They were extremely helpful and I plan on ordering from them again, this time in white and I can't decide if with a gold, navy or beige monogram. The women I look unto for anything and everything monogram, Jane Hodges Scott, the founder of Leontine Linens, says that the LBD of a well set dining room table is a white dinner napkin monogrammed in gold!


instagram roundup

best skinny cargo pants

These skinny cargo pants are beyond amazing and extremely flattering. I know that every blogger says that about every product that they want you to click on, but I'm telling the truth! They come in autumunal colors that will looks amazing with all your sweaters. I love my thunder gray color with chambray. 

I liked the utilitarian look with the classic feminine Ferragamo Varina flat, the different sides to my mommy life!

fall jewel tones

These fall ready jewel tones and gorgeous fall shoes have me checking the weather daily to see if fall is coming to San Diego. {plus, those booties are each under $100!}

one year old crown

I can't believe that our little one is One! I know that all moms say this, but time really needs to slow down! The second one grows exponentially faster than the first born. I came up with the analogy that a second born is kind of like driving. When you don't know where you are going, it seems like it takes a long time versus driving somewhere you know, the second drive goes noticeably faster. 

As I mentioned in the post from his birthday, he is the most amazing little man. He constantly is smiling, laughing and easy going. My husband calls him our little house plant because when he was smaller and we recently moved into our new home, we would put him in the Bumbo seat on the kitchen island and he would happily sit there. 

Birthdays were always a big deal in our home growing up and I love creating new traditions mixed with my favorite things from my childhood. I mentioned in my Insta story, I love this Etsy shop and they did an amazing job with the birthday decorations and I couldn't recommend them enough! She created a custom package and worked with me to provide what we wanted.

pink lace sleeve top

I did the extremely ambitious thing recently, and took my two little cuties shopping with me. We finished our errands quicker than I had planned {high five mommy moment!} and I asked Madrid where she wanted to go. She already loves looking at clothes, wonder where she gets that from..., so I took her into Anthropologie thinking she would like to look at all the colorful items. I forgot that at our local store, there is a BHLDN store within the store. She made a beeline for the bridal boutique and promptly started to pick her favorite dresses and accessories. {this was her favorite dress, whereas this was mine.} Again, I wonder where she gets that from...

Even little man got in the action as Madrid began to '"style" him, putting beaded bridal belts on him "like a princess" and pointy out her favorite dresses to him. The sales girls was so nice, amazing with kids and extremely patient as I tried to keep the kids from breaking anything. After I rounded them up, I spotted this white lace sleeve shirt and immediately had to have it. They didn't have my size in white, but then I noticed it also came in pink and I couldn't pay for it quickly enough. I didn't even try it on until the above mirror selfie, but I love it and have already worn it a couple of times. {and it is under $90!}

plaid peplum top

This top is the perfect top for me: navy, fall ready plaid, peplum and a grosgrain ribbon on the back. Unfortunately, since this Instagram post, the top has sold out, but I found this one that is even cuter with a buffalo check and large bow.  AND it is $13!

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