double turtleneck

Leave it to off the runway models to make you outfit inspired!

The idea of the double turtleneck has me reaching for the hot cocoa and begging for us to use our fireplace {that we have used less than 10 times since buying the house 6 years ago!}. With San Diego "winter" not cooperating, I am currently storing this look away for outfit inspiration later, in hopes that the temperatures will eventually drop. 

{ easily accomplish with this chunky knit turtleneck layered over this striped tissue turtleneck }

I love the idea of a polish yet casual look for the holidays. A stylish and great fitting pair of jeans and sweater paired with a fancy flat, clean hair and polished makeup will be my holiday uniform. {Fingers crossed that I am able to accomplish the last two. Easier said than done with two adorable kiddos!}

Shop my selections for this inspired holiday ready outfit.

photo borrowed from here

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