pink blazer

The above photo has me currently craving a blush pink blazer. I found this one {for $35!} and couldn't order it quickly enough. {how dynamite is this Blush Double Breasted Blazer???} While I am trying to be more conscience of the products that I buy and stay away from sythenitc material in my clothing, I figure I will have this blazer in my closet for years to come. 

Synthetic clothing is not made to last, and is often the textile of choice for trendy, of the moment stores, as it is cheap and they are therefore able to keep their prices low {think Forever 21, H&M, etc.}. Clothing made from synthetic material, mainly polyester, is clogging up our landfills, as they do not break down and decompose as quickly or as well as an organic material, such as cotton. The clothes are made cheaply and trendy and therefore do not stay in your closet for long and only get worn a handful of times. 

Therefore, I am trying to be more conscience of the material of the clothing I buy.

Or, in the case of this blazer, that if it is synthetic, it will be something that I wear often and for years to come. 

Sorry to be get political over a pink blazer, but I wanted to share that I will be more conscience of the products that I recommend. While I have always loved finding great closet pieces at a budget friendly cost for our readers, I now want to focus on finding great pieces that are also earth friendly. 

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