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As said in yesterday's post, I am going to try to be more conscience of the quality of the products I feature on the blog. 


Because yesterday's budget friendly blazer was a little easier to stomach than this $2000+ option {even though, like I said yesterday, it is dynamite!}

Another great way to make sure your closet staples aren't clogging up our landfills is to repurpose them. I donate clothing and household items that we no longer need to charities such as AM Vets as least once a month. 

And as I have mentioned in previous post {here and here} I love to help people clean out their closets. And I am slowly beginning to return to the real world after the birth of our son, SO...

I am currently taking on a couple of new clients to help them clean out their closets. It is rather simple:
-send me a box of your clothing and accessories that you longer love, wear or need AND
-I will send you a check of your profits at the end of each month!
Previous clients have had me do anything from sell a dress that was worn once for an event to come into their homes on a monthly basis to help them decide what to weed out and what to keep. 

Email me at navy and orange blog {at} gmail.com if you would like more information on making more fabulous space in your closets!

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