fall must-haves : black distressed denim

black distressed denim


black distressed denim


With it being September 1st {how did that happen?!?}, I wanted to kickstart a fall series. As you know, fall is my favorite season: the fashion is superior to any other season, the nostalgia of the new school year, and I love any excuse to recharge my closet. 

Today's post is focused on black distressed denim. This is something that is a closet staple, yet I don't have it in my wardrobe. I plan this to be my first post bump purchase, so I have rounded up some great options both under $100 and over, including this pair of maternity black distressed denim, for my momma readers! As always, I have included options with free shipping options, so you can easily try the style and fit that works best for you! {I am excited to try these and these.}

photos borrowed from here and here

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  1. Yeah the stressed denim looks pretty amazing on my girlfriend with the tan suede saddle bag from https://www.weldenbags.com/ - should check it out :) I'm always following your blog for ideas to suggest to her, and we both think it'd be great for you to do some kind of lookbook with those bags and these jeans, plus what top? lol


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