hospital ready for baby!

hospital ready for baby!

1. CARSEAT : Chicco KeyFit 30 : Not only is this the best selling carseat, but the crash test ratings are great and we loved this last time, so it is already locked and loaded {in navy} in the car. 

2. HAND SANITIZER : Honest Hand Santizer : I have these stashed everywhere already, so I am bringing extras for visitors and to give to the nurses for Thank You gifts.

3. COMFY DRESS : Loose Fitting Dress more sizes here and also love this one : I recommend something that you don't love because you will probably want to change right when you get home, because it was in the hospital. Also, make sure it is something that you wore during your pregnancy. You will be surprised that you college spring break six pack won't magically reappear after labor. You look awkwardly 4-6 month pregnant and you will want to be comfy. 

4. NURSING BRAS : Cotton Candy Nursing Bra // Seamless Nursing Bra : I had this one last time but I am going to give this one a try this time because of the price and, surprisingly, breast milk stains. Everyone's milk supply comes in differently, but I looked like Pamela Anderson about 24 hours after labor so I liked to keep the girls secure but easy access. Also, I recommend these nursing pads while  your body acclimates to supply and demand {read: leakage}.

5. SHOES : Ugg Slippers // Haviana Flip Flops : I am really trying not to complain this pregnancy, but my feet are killing me! Even my tennis shoes hurt after a while, so the Haviana flip flops are the only thing that my feet can handle all day. But these cozy slippers will be great for midnight feedings and trips to the bathroom. 

6. PHONE CHARGER : Portable Phone Charger : You will want to charge your phone without it being plugged in halfway across the room. You won't want to be on social media just yet, but you will want to email your besties.

7. NURSING FRIENDLY OUTFIT : Gray Wrap Jacket // Nursing Friendly Pajamas : When my dad and father-in-law came to visit the first time, it was slightly awkward as I was in a nightgown and I needed to feed right when they got there. These nursing friendly pjs will make it so you don't have to lift up your shirt, or hide under a sheet {like I did last time}. And this open cardigan provides and extra layer of cozy and coverage. 

8. HAPPY FACE : Arcona Toner Pads // BeautyCounter RoseWater Spray // Arcona Hydrating Set : You will want some beauty comforts from home and the constant air conditioning in the hospital is uber drying to your face. 

9. TWINNING : Baby Footie PJ // Super Soft Pajama Set : I picked up this pajama set at the Nordstrom sale for cozy days in bed and easy access for feedings.

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