UNDER $100: Nordstrom Sale tops

nordstrom sale tops under $100

Aren't you just loving stocking up on fall must have at the Nordstrom Sale? This fall, I will be a new mom to 2 munchkins under 2 years of age, so I know that I won't have time to shop, but that doesn't mean that I won't want to dress for my favorite season!

I am 100% using that as my excuse to stock up on fall must have at a fraction of the cost. I am tempted to get #9 in more than the two colors I already ordered {blush and berry}, for impending date nights...

1. TIE NECK SLEEVELESS BLOUSE $52, after sale $79

2. LACE SHELL $45, after sale $68

3. LONG SLEEVE BOW BLOUSE $38, after sale $58

4. TIE NECK LACE SHELL $66, after sale $99

5. STRIPED SWEATSHIRT $29, after sale $49

6. HUNTER PLAID SHIRT $99, after sale $148

7. V-NECK CREPE BLOUSE $28, after sale $42

8. FLORAL PRINT POET BLOUSE $50, after sale $80

9. BELL CUFF BLOUSE $45, after sale $68

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