Hamlet Home

Have you heard of Hamlet Home?

First of all, you must follow them on Instagram. That is where I borrowed all of these images from and it's quickly become my favorite account to stalk. 

Second, it is a completely free service.

It is like having your favorite interior decorator, whole sale guru, and bestie's opinion all rolled into one and only a text away. 

They offer a free service of finding something that your home needs: a certain rug/lamp/painting/knick knack to complete the look you are going for, help revamping your home or even finding something that you saw on Pinterest. They are extremely helpful and fun to chat with that I thought it was a service that I couldn't not share with you.  {After our meeting, I texted them a photo from Pinterest to help me update our dinner room lighting situation.}

Text them at 646-586-2260. 
{And just save them in your phone book. Now. Do it now.}

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