bombshell body guide

pregnancy workout

{ top: TIE BACK WORKOUT TANK non-maternity // pants: STRIPED WORKOUT LEGGING non-maternity // bra: NIKE SPORTS BRA  non-maternity // shoes: NIKE FREE RUN TENNIS SHOES }

pregnancy workout

{ top: STRIPED WORKOUT HOODIE non-maternity // pants: FUSION CAPRI WORKOUT LEGGING non-maternity // shoes: NIKE FREE RUN // sunglasses: RAY-BAN AVIATORS}

striped workout hoodie

blue and stripes workout outfit

striped workout legging

striped legging and nike free

pregnancy workout

pregnancy workout

striped workout outfit

cute running outfit
^^^ pregnancy butt!

cute running outfit

Outfit #1: { top: TIE BACK WORKOUT TANK non-maternity // pants: STRIPED WORKOUT LEGGING non-maternity // bra: NIKE SPORTS BRA  non-maternity // shoes: NIKE FREE RUN TENNIS SHOES }

Outfit #2: { top: STRIPED WORKOUT HOODIE non-maternity // pants: FUSION CAPRI WORKOUT LEGGING non-maternity // shoes: NIKE FREE RUN // sunglasses: RAY-BAN AVIATORS}

It is a super easy and friendly website portal with healthy recipes,  easy workouts and interactive ways to be a bombshell. It is almost like a  personal version of the health side of the amazing blog The Skinny Confidential!

Lauryn is a friend and I have followed her blog from the start. I love seeing her be a great example of success by staying true to her passion and her voice. As you can tell by her snapchat, her blog reads exactly the way she talks and she loves supporting other ladies in the blogging community!

I have loved using the Bombshell Body Guide lately as a way to ensure I get my workouts in. As a pregnant mom who has been traveling nonstop, I don't like to use the excuse of travel to derail my workouts. I am always in a better mood, sleep better and feel accomplished when I get a workout in. While I have had to tone it down a little bit being seven month pregnant, I love the ease of the Bombshell Body Guide, as you can literally do it anywhere. While some of the moves are not bump friendly {preggers, there aren't too many!}, I am excited to continue to stay healthy for the duration of this pregnancy with the help of the Bombshell Body Guide and am already looking forward to the fall where I will be relying on it to get my mom body back to pre bump days. Plus, I plan to supplement a half marathon training schedule with these quick and easy, yet effective, workouts. 

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  1. Good to know about this information on body guide. Couple of months ago, I purchased workout leggings as I have found them quite comfortable since I started my workouts few years back. Glad that I found them at reasonable rate.


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