my uniform

While I am always trying to find cute, budget friendly, not obvious outfit posts for y'all, truth be told, I'm kinda boring.

Most days, you will find me in some form of skinny jeans and a striped tee. I continually complain about the near perfect San Diego weather, mostly because it is too warm to wear long sleeve striped tees everyday. If I could, I would and sometimes I try. {cue, sweaty, stinky blogger}. Nevertheless, some of my favorite stripes tend to be from here and I wanted to make sure that you striped addicted readers were not missing out. 

This striped deck tee is by far, my favorite striped tee of all time. 

It has a loose body, tight sleeves and comes in the classic navy as well as a nuetral sandalwood {I have both}. I learned about a month ago, with my the bottom of my belly peaking out while running errands, that this only works for the first couple of months of pregnancy. I have already stocked up on all their current colors as I plan to return to my trusted and true uniform in the fall. And these shirts are soft and flowy, making them the perfect nursing tee. 

photo borrowed from here 


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