new floors

We are currently in the middle of a remodel, in the middle of looking into relocating and in the middle of house hunting. This time around, instead of waiting for our dream home to fall into our lap, I am making a {long} list of amenities that would be conducive to our dream home. 

I am in love with our home. It will be forever the place that I didn't sleep at until the day after our wedding, where we started our family watching our puppy turn into the best family dog and where we brought our daughter home. 

We are currently getting new floors installed that are very similar to the ones pictured above. While this remodel was unintended {a burst water pipe. SUPER awesome.}, it will be fun to move back in to a slightly different house. Now I am thinking just how great these floors would look with neutral furniture, light blush drapes and tons of natural light.

Should I contact the contractor to draw up some new floor plans? Nothing goes with a 1 year old and a pregnancy like a prolonged house remodel/move out and light neutral furniture, right?!?

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