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Have you heard of BeautyCounter?

When I became a mom, everything became more important to me. Health, our country and of course, my own little family. Through my mom group, I got introduced to BeautyCounter and realized that some of the products that I had been lathering on my body for as long as I can remember, contained extremely toxic chemicals. 

With countless types of cancer prevalent in my family, I began to research what was in the products that I trusted. I realized that my favorite face wash that I had been using since a teenager, my drugstore purchased shampoo and my favorite SPF daily face lotion all had toxic chemicals that have been linked to birth defects and cancers. As I was breastfeeding at the time, I immediately switched up my regimen. 

Now being pregnant, and a BeautyCounter addict, I am so thankful for the mom who turned me onto this amazing company. Not only are they developing new products everyday, {I am in love with their new baby line!}, but they are innovative in trying to get legislation to pass laws to restrict what harmful chemicals can be in our products.

How great is that?

A company that 1.) has amazing products 2.) has healthy amazing products and 3.) is actually trying to make the world a better place by protecting its customers.

While I know being a North County San Diego mom fits me into a certain demographic  {my daughter eats no sugar, has never had ice cream, cookies or cake and I make about 90% of her food}, and whehter or not you agree with my "type" of mom,  I  couldn't not share these amazing products with all of you!

Whether you like to be labeled as "health conscience"or not, BeautyCounter has high preforming products that are safe!

My current favorites are :

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