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black scalloped ankle strap

Without even realizing it, I bought two pairs of black scalloped ankle strap shoes in one week. These were a complete impulse purchase. I saw them while running some errands and couldn't stop thinking  about them. Instead of doing what I normally do, stalk them and mention them in a blog post {or ten!}, I immediately ordered them without one drop of guilt! {I did justify it by saying they were to celebrate an amazing project that I can't wait to tell you about...!}

And these I got these for a wedding. I already have them in nude and they are honestly my most comfortable heel that I couldn't not get them to go with my dress. And they are under $60!

The two totally balance out each other, right?!?

pelum tee

This peplum tee is a must purchase. 

Super soft, flowy and flattering, I have recommended it to all my mom friends. It is a tee, but super cute, so you look pulled together. It is flowy and soft, therefore easy to nurse in and I have even recommded it to my pregnant friends as it is totally bump friendly. 

I, naturally, ordered it in every color. 

black and white outfit

My casual but chic Valentine's outfit for our day date {while my in-laws watched our little one}. As you have seen, obviously obsessed with these scalloped flats. These white skinny jeans are so flattering, I've worn them with everything from a tee to pumps. 

black full skirt

Not to play favorites, but this post has been top on my list. 

This black satin crop top {$10!} and full black midi skirt {$26!} are so timeless and budget friendly. And again with these scalloped ankle strap sandals. 


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