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{left: Scarlet // right : Petal}

Valentine's is one of my favorites. Chocolate, red lips and champagne?!? What's not to like???

Even if you aren't feeling this holiday or haven't felt inspired to add lace or multiple shades of pink to your wardrobe, a great red lip is something that everyone can get behind. And what is more festive than a red lip???

I have been a lipstick fanatic for as long as I can remember. Whenever I am feeling blah, a sip of lipstick or a new shade will always make me feel like new again. Being a fanatic, I have done my "research" over the years and the three suggestions for the best red lip do not some lightly. I have kissed a lot of reds to narrow down the endless red lip options to suggest these three. So if you are needing a better red, are planning on trying one for the first time, or need a better shade, click the links below. 

1. This is great for the red lip virgin. Not only does it have no toxins in it {did you know that most lipsticks have lead in them???} , so I rest assured when I wear this and can't control my kisses around my daughter, but it a perfect sheer shade of red. It kind of looks like you have been making out or had some red wine, with a bit more pop.

2. I love, LOVE this lipliner by itself or as a lip liner with the BeautyCounter Lip Sheer. My recommendation: line and fill in your entire lip and then coat with the Lip Sheer. This fits the drying factor of the lipliner and with the Lip Sheer, you can add layers througout your day without a mirror. Lip liners require a bit more attention...

3. This has been my go-to red lip for years. Matte before it was cool and light enough, it feels like you are wearing nothing, this color made me fall in love with all the Nars Lip Pencils

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