closet cleanout

After an awesome weekend, where we looked at some amazing open houses {as seen on snapchat}, I was invigorated to rehaul my entire closet and immediately began to reorganize, color code and get rid of item that didn't get as much face time as my beloved striped and blazers.

As I love to help friends, family and clients reorganize and clean out their closets, I wanted to make sure that my beloved readers knew that I could also help you!

It is as easily as sending me items that you don't love anymore, or just aren't getting worn as much as you thought and I sell them to a new and loving home so that you can get some spending dough for new items and, not to mention, more closet space!

I only like to take a couple of clients at a time, to dedicate full time and attention to making sure to get the most bang for your buck, or clothes, rather, and to ensure that, if there are holes in your wardrobe that you are itching to fill, I can dedicate full time and attention to making your closet as cohesive to your style as possible. And I currently have a few openings!

Please feel free to email me {navy and orange blog {at} gmail {dot} com} for more info!

I look forward to helping you!

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  1. Love this black leggings. I definitely need to renew mine...


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