new year, new gear

new year, new gear

TOPS : # Run Rest Repeat Tank // Train Like a Beast Tank // Hustle Muscle Tank // Goals Crop Muscle Tank 

SWEATSHIRTS : 'Stay Rad' Sweatshirt // Navy Funnel Neck Jacket // Open Back Sweatshirt 

PANTS: Navy High Waisted Legging // Navy High Waisted Airbrush Legging // Slim Fit Navy Legging

KICKS : Purple Tennis Shoes // Blue Running Shoes {I ordered these ones!} // Burgundy International Sneaker // Navy New Balance

BRAS: Black Starburst Back Bra // Strappy Sports Bra //  Ladder Back Sports Bra // Pink Elasticized Sports Bra 

Did you know that, by the second week of February, 80% of fitness related New Year's Resolutions have already failed and people have given up?

Here are my top tips to stay motivated:

1. Write it Down: 
get a monthly desk calendar and write down your workouts in each square. You are much more likely to get to your workout and not skip a day if you are able to see that you went every day last week.

2. Grab a buddy: 
my husband meets his dad every morning at the gym. At 5:30 am. It makes it a lot harder to hit the snooze button if you have a workout buddy counting on you.

3. Share via Social Media
had a great workout, or just getting back to it after a little break? Be proud of yourself and share to social media. You are more likely to keep it up if you feel as if people are 'watching' you.

4. Track your Weight: 
if you fitness goal is to shed some pounds, get on the scale wearing the same thing {your birthday suit}, at the same time of day. Write it down on your calendar or get a fitness tracker app to see the pounds melt off. Note: I am not a fan of weighting myself nor do I encourage focusing on a number. It is all how you feel. But I have found this helpful in the past and when shedding the baby weight. And only get on the scale if you are feeling awesome. That way, it is a little bonus if it is good and no biggie, if not.

5. Get some new gear! : 
I need more workout gear like I need a hole in the head. But I am trying to make a daily workout a bigger priority {my plan? during the little one's first nap, instead of blogging or skimming the Internet, or trying to motivate to clean...}. Nothing gets me motivated like new clothes, so I am purchased multiple items from above {including these and these!}

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