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chanel red lipliner

Chanel Red Lip Liner in 'Scarlet' // BeautyCounter Lip Sheer in 'Scarlet'

As seen on my Instagram {@navyandorange} and Snapchat {@navyandorange}, I can't get enough of this lip pairing. It is the most perfect shade of red that will work year around, i.e. not too crimson, not too orange and I can't stop wearing it. The lipliner is great on its own by filling in the entire lip or as a classic lipliner using the lip sheer to fill it in. The lip sheer on its own makes it look like you had a little red wine or made out for a bit, or both!

oversized plaid scarf

The quintessential fall and winter accessory is the oversized scarf. These two that I have are large enough to use as a poncho or wrap around your neck a couple of times to create a voluminious look. Shop some other great under $30 selections below. 

I am obsessed with being out of the sun and I am no different with my little one. {I want her to look 25 when she is 50.} And I pair this adorable hat with my favorite non toxic sunscreens {this one and this one. Note: double check you kiddo sunscreens. So many labeled with 'kid friendly' and for babies are full of cancer causing ingredients and items that have proven to be linked to multiple health issues. That is why I am obsessed with this company and this one as they are changing the way legislation looks at the safety of the products that we use everyday...a future post coming soon!}

sophie the giraffe

Unless you don't have any friends that have babies, or have been living under a rock, you don't know about Sophie. It has remained one of my daughter's favorite toys for the last eleven months, she loves to chew on her feet when teething or play with her in the car. Plus, I love Sophie for the bath and this teething Sophie. {It is great in the freezer for those terrible teething days.}

honest diapers flower print

Like other moms, I tried multiple diapers in the past eleven months. When I did some research on the ingredients that provide the extra softness, super absorbency or overwhelming deodorant scents that other diapers strongly advertise proudly about and realized that many of these ingredients are toxic, I came back to the first diapers that I put on my cutie's little bootie when I brought her home from the hospital. {Who wants toxins resting all day near their lady bits? Not me or my daughter!}

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