mommy monday

beauty counter eye cream

Obsessed with this eye cream. A mom must have!

j.crew light jean jacket

You have seen this jacket in multiple posts and on Instagram. I have worn it over cocktail dresses and workout gear. The ultimate mom uniform isn't complete without an acid wash jean jacket. 

carter heart footie pajama

Every little one needs footie pajamas. Below are my favorites, all below $30.

chloe scalloped flats

My mom bought me these at the awkward moment when family knew I was pregnant, but I hadn't told anyone else yet. Nothing quite fit but I was too small for maternity wear. They were 100% an impluse purchase but quickly became a closet staple and I recommend them to everyone I know. Uber comfortable, a classic sihoullete and the feeling of butter on your feet {all during pregnancy and everyday after}, I could not recommend them enough. Plus they come in a million colors {thinking of adding black and this color to my closet} and are easy to slip on and off while holding your little one and immediately make any outfit feel pulled together and ladylike, what every mom wants!

best baby sippy cup

I had a hard time finding a cup that my daughter liked, that didn't leak and was easy to use {you would be surprised how many sippy cups required 100% concentration to get the top to screw on just right.} I found this one at the supermarket and bought it thinking it could also end up with our growing collection of cups that didn't work for us. It was a total success, so much so that I immediately ordered more as all the parts easily fit with each other. And my daughter can practice with two, one or no handles. 

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