mommy monday: cashmere & puffs

baby cashmere sweater

This was my first baby gift after telling family about our impending arrival back in the spring. From my fairy godmother, who, ironically also gave me my first cashmere, this cardigan has been a stable in my daughter's wardrobe. Surprisingly, the nine month size continues to work and has since she was about 4 months. I totally recommend investing in this piece as your little one will be cozy and you will rest assured that they are comfy, cozy and chic. 

monogrammed cashmere

It is no secret that I am a lover of cashmere and a great monogram. Put them together and I would wear it everyday, if the San Diego weather permit me. This is my favorite cashmere sweater as the body is loose and comfy, but the sleeves are slim, making the overall look understated elegance. And I just ordered this t-shirt style at a fraction of the price {under $90!}. Shop some other cashmere favorites below. I have already asked Santa for this and this!

organic puffs

It is super surprising how many baby products have sugar not only in them, but as one of the first three ingredients. After a couple of attempts to find an easy on the go snack with the said discovery, we stuck to orangic fruits and veggies for months 6 through 10. {We didn't start her on solids until six months.} Then I was pleased to discover these organic puffs that are sweeten with organic apple juice and contain no cane sugar or syrup in them at all. {PLEASE READ YOUR LABELS! I was surprised, when in a rush one day, I grabbed an identical package to discover it was a similar brand with sugar is as the #2 ingredient!}. You can order a package of all the flavors here. {these are also how I finally convinced my daughter to sit in the grocery cart!}

beautycounter exfoliator

It is no secret that I am a BeautyCounter addict. {I promise for an upcoming post with my favorite products for the changing weather!} This gentle exfoliator is a game changer! It is gentle enough to use even on sensitive skin, but works well to make my skin feel like I just got a facial. Cannot recommend it enough! And it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Yet another thing in my daughter's closet that I wish was in my own : the perfect bow Mary-Jane. She wears these almost everyday and as she is beginning to get more comfortable cruising down the couch and bravely down the coffee table, I love that the leather sole gives her grip and dissipates my fears of her slipping. They provide the sensation of barefoot walking for little ones to work on their balance, yet provide grip and coverage for your precious little one's adorable feet! Plus they are adorable. 

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