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mom journal

I originally bought this baby journal to write down little things that happened and my Little One's birth story. But little things happen everyday! So it quickly filled up so I was happy to stumble upon this Mom One Line a Day Journal that has a line for each day for 5 years. I know that my daughter will love having this when she has her own kids. As a new mom, you think that you couldn't possibly forget all the amazing stuff that happens because it is all new. But it passes in a blink of an eye and I already love looking back at things that happened {her first time rolling over! laughing at the dog for the first time! pulling herself up and cruising on the ottoman!}

white girl pediped

These are seriously the cutest! I wish had them in my size. Every time my daughter wears them {everyday} people stop and ask where to get them. She is about to grow out of the bow pedipeds, so I have the scalloped maryjanes ready and waiting for her!

orange floral necklace

Not only do these make an instant outfit, but these are endless entertainment for my Little One. Whether on my neck, or on the ground, she loves a great J.Crew Bauble, just like her mom. {Note: I continually check that there are no loose parts and I constantly observe her when playing.}

beauty counter face oil

This product has cleared up my dry spots, fixed a reassuring skin irritation and is single handedly making my skin feel amazing. 

blush peplum cable knit sweater

Yet another thing that is in my daughter's closet that I wish was in my own. Not only does this come in the perfect blush {seriously, need it in my closet!}, but it also comes in red and vanilla and is on sale. {confession: I ordered it in multiple colors and sizes so I don't have to stress when she grows out of it.}

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