Mommy Monday

I am so excited to be kicking off my new series Mommy Mondays!

While I know that not all my readers are moms, I hope that this series will provide inspiration for all of you, mom or not, of ways to make your upcoming week better. Social media is so prevalent and people are in such control of the image that they share with the world, but I wanted to share that I don't always look the way I look in outfits posts or Instagram images.  There are days that I forget to brush my teeth, or I rely on one of my fedora's as getting dressed, or I stay in workout gear well past 10pm. As women {and moms!} I want to be a source of support and inspiration for all my readers, no matter the stage in life. 

I will try to keep each week's round up of items around $100 {this week, everything is under} and there will be something on the list for everyone each week. Let me know if you want to see more or less of something. I am so excited to get a bit more personal and share a peak into my life!

1. Gel Manicure - if you are need of a pick me up or just a break, I highly recommend scheduling yourself for some pampering. If you are not a fan of the gel manicure, this Gel Setter Top Coat gives you the exact same look, without the commitment or required soak off of a typical gel mani. 

2. Honest Hand Sanitizer - Whether a mom or not, flu season is no joke {and neither are germs. Ever!} I love this hand sanitizer, and as a nurse, I have tried them all! It is natural, non sticky and smells great. Plus it is the perfect size to keep everywhere. {I have one in every purse, the car and two in the diaper bag.}

3. Little Duck Organics - these are amazing! My daughter loves them and gets excited everytime she sees the adorable packaging. There is nothing in them but the fruit or veggies. NOTHING! Since adding solids, I keep these with me wherever we go so the little one doesn't eat her books. {I learned the hard way.}

4. Gap Fit Leggings - I love these! The color couldn't be more perfect for the season and they are super soft. If you are having a difficult or lazy day, you will gladly leave these on all day since they have the comfortable feel of a work out pant but are uber soft.

5. ComoTomo - Orange silicone teether. This is small, bright and surprisingly entertaining for a little one. And my mom's dog loves it too. 

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