mommy Monday

arcona triad pads

I love these toner pads! They smell delicous and I love how great they make my skin feel. Plus, I feel like I get a mini exfoliation when I use them.

honest diaper cream

You can't be a mom without a few diaper creams on hand. I have tried a bunch and these two are my favorite. They immediately cure any problem areas and I like the smell and feel of these two. 

blush panama hat

As seen on Instagram and multiple style posts, I love this blush Panama Hat. So much so that I got it in black. Plus, its $58! Great for those bad hair days, or when a mom on the go hasn't had time to wash her hair...or both!

My daughter is a book worm. I know that all moms think their kids are smart {they are!}, but our Little One does seem to love books more than the average kid. I have included all of our favorites below.

This excursion vest is my yearly autumnal obsession. Plus this herringbone one is $75. It is great to throw on over a chambray shirt or the mom uniform of workout gear for morning or evening walks.

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