bell peppers

orange bell peppers

bell peppers and quinoa

I made the yummiest {and super duper simple} recipe for dinner last week. The husband was impressed and I was too! The fall colors of the peppers made it perfect for the season and I will be storing this away for the next time we have dinner guests as it would be easy to prep before hand, is vegetarian friendly and looks great on its own or as a side dish.

quinoa prep

1. follow the directions on the quinoa. I tried a ton and I love this one from Trader Joe's as it is tricolor and all natural.

2. Add vegetables of your choice : garlic, onions, broccoli, the options are endless. I used garbanzo beans to pump of the protein of the quinoa. Add cheese if you are a fan and salt to taste. 

stuffed bell pepper recipe

3. Cut the stems off the the bell peppers and get the seeds out to make the most room to stuff with your yummy quinoa.

4. Place in the oven at 350 for about 15-20 minutes so that the peppers are soft.

5. Enjoy!

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