I have recently discovered BeautyCounter and couldn't be more enthusiastic about a brand. As a vegetarian, avid runner, and mom what I put in my body is always a concern of mine. But not until I became a mom, what I put on my body made me think.

BeautyCounter has an extensive list of ingredients that have been linked to health concerns that they refuse to put into their products. Ever. So I can rest assured that I am being healthy inside and out. Plus the products are totally addictive. 

As seen on Instagram, I recently added some BeautyCounter to my collection and I already love how my skin feels. Below are my current top five products.

1. Nourishing Cleansing Balm- my skin gets super dry and I have already seen a difference in the two days I have been using this. I like to leave a small amount on overnight for a super hydrating mask. Then I wake up with a dewy glow. 

2. Lustro Face Oil - I like to use it around my eyes before bed as that is where I get the driest skin. I also apply it before my moisturizer for a dewy look and on my neck at nighttime to prevent aging. 

3. Lip Sheer - great on its own or with your favorite lip liner, your lip game will thank you and you will wonder what you did before this. Seriously. I wear all day, everyday. {plus the Scarlet is the perfect tint of red.}

4. Enlightening Treatment Pads - I am all about a safe product, but I would also like my skin to look 19 again. Since using this followed by the Nourishing Cleansing Balm before bed, my skin looks and feels like it is turning back the clock. {who doesn't want that?!?}

5. Vibrant Eye Perfector - I have been using a nightly eye cream since high school but when I looked up the ingredients of the one I had been using, I immediately threw it out and replaced it with this one. Ultra light but made just for the delicate skin around your peepers, I love dabbing this on day and night. 

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